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Starting with the design of a style, GCS ERP’s ease of use is one of the many features facilitating management and development flow. User defined design options, event calendars, automated email notifications, raw material and trim tracking, image attachments, spec sheets, multiple product classifications, groupings, and costing options are just a few of the pre-production tools available at product development. Line sheets and available to sell reports incorporating product pictures and/or sketches can be immediately generated for on-screen displays, email, or printed reports. Additionally, the style multi-costing feature provides increased flexibility and control for monitoring product variations such as revision tracking, vendor/country determinations, and/or raw material pricing options, etc.


Raw material and trim management can begin with the inception of a design or a style. The system provides and easy to use Bill of Material that is integrated with this module. Time phased material, trim requirements and inventories at multiple locations can be viewed and managed easily with GCS ERP. Some key features include:

  • Raw material and trim purchasing and maintenance
  • Raw material and trim tracking at multiple locations
  • Time phased availability
  • Raw material and trim requirements
  • Pull sheets
  • Where used inquiries


Most of the obstacles facing production departments are due to the ineffectiveness of the system to provide accurate information for decision-making and the lack of production based user tools to meet process requirements. GCS ERP’s integrated data and tracking methods provide a high level of accuracy when tracking purchase orders from the time an order is placed to the time the goods are received and stocked. Data reliability and improved tracking capabilities assist the user through a variety of production issues, including:

  • Analyzing which purchases (past and present) are critical to operations
  • Tracking inventory movement & cut to order management
  • Determining purchase quantities through accurate histories, bookings, and trends.
  • Evaluating vendor reliability, response time, product availability, product quality, etc.
  • Establish events controls indicating reorder points and minimum inventory levels.

GCS ERP’s reporting and analysis capabilities throughout the production stages are provided as management and production guides for supervision and control. Due to the complete integration and increased information flow, product based information can be extracted and used for evaluating work flow processes, determining profit making principles, and tracking the necessary steps for operational efficiency, etc.


GCS ERP enables your company to easily set up and track containers and shipments for raw material, trim or finished goods. Some of the key features include:

  • Create and track containers
  • Track the contents of the containers on shipments
  • Track the status of shipments from broker to in house receipt of merchandise
  • Update status of WIP on shipments and available to sell with current deliveries

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