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GCS ERP’s totally integrated system maintains the inventory automatically and accurately throughout the various business processes. Accurate inventories result in reliable product histories that can help a business develop more appropriate techniques when forecasting sales and projecting inventory needs. Up to the minute inventory-status information can be determined quickly and easily through the various reporting and on-screen display options.

GCS ERP’s inventory management system provides the tools necessary to determine the balance between carrying too much inventory and the cost of not carrying enough. Overall, sound inventory tracking and procedures are fundamental for maintaining satisfactory profit margins, minimizing operating costs, and avoiding potential overstock losses. As a business management tool, GCS ERP’s inventory tracking, and forecasting system can assist in determining and addressing typical inventory operational issues including:

  • Inventory Projections
  • Effective sales forecasting at various levels
  • What inventory levels are maintained
  • Which inventory items are carried over
  • The point at which inventory is ordered
  • If inventory meets customer demand
  • What products or lines perform well
  • Which products are selling better than others in specific areas
  • Trend analysis

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"Forecasting & Inventory" is part of the GCS ERP line of products, developed by GCS Computers.

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