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The GCS ERP package allows for the import of a number of data format and layout options. The main emphasis on the conversion process is placed on the extraction of data from the existing system. Extraction methods will be tested and evaluated by the company throughout the process. The actual conversion will take place in stages to minimize potential down time and/or work flow disruptions. Conversion methods and specifications will be determined and finalized during the implementation process.

Data analysis and reporting is one of the most important functions required from business software. It is part of the basic strategy for ensuring the results of a new system implementation satisfy the company’s system requirements and expectations. Analysis tools and reporting options are inherent to all GCS ERP modules. Since monitoring actual operations is the basis of managerial control, it is important that the company’s information system provide the data needed to do so. GCS ERP software offers several standard and custom inquiry and reporting options, as well as data export options and report writer programs to accommodate all reporting requirements. The GCS ERP system has the flexibility to output data in the form needed for informational control.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Data Analysis, Reporting and Conversion:

"Data Analysis, Reporting and Conversion" is part of the GCS ERP line of products, developed by GCS Computers.

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