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Routing is automatically controlled through customer ship-to masters. Distribution can be automatically and easily routed for direct to store, distribution centers, or consolidator shipping in any combination based on customer rules. Last minute changes are easily handled at the pick ticket level or through EDI 753/754 transactions.

The A2000 sales related packages are pre-designed to provide the user with the necessary tools to do their jobs without having to leave their desk, rely on paper, or exit a program in the middle of an entry or operation. System users are provided with more accessible and better-presented information on each display. The user’s ability to switch from one application to another to access information or enter a record will greatly enhance job performance. Features include:

  • Bulk order distribution
  • Template distribution
  • Special telemarketing module
  • Multilevel pricing module
  • Data validation tables
  • Multi-level look-ups and drill downs
  • Online credit approvals through EDI
  • Factor/Non Factor order processing
  • Multi factor capabilities
  • Factor integration for automated approvals
  • No end of day processing.
  • Quantity entry by size or pre-pack
  • Direct production to sales assignments (cut to order)
  • Multi session capabilities
  • Multi-Warehouse processing
  • Style substitutions
  • Global update features


A2000 offers a sophisticated, yet quick and practical Automated Allocation program in addition to a multitude of standalone pick options for creating and distributing pick tickets. Allocation can be run anytime during the day by multiple users simultaneously. Various options are available for sorting and selecting such as start and complete dates, season, style, division, warehouse, customer and more. Some key features include:

  • Rule based auto allocation processing
  • User defined allocation templates
  • Multiple force pick options by customer
  • Multiple force pick options by style
  • Global update options
  • Force pick by customer/order number/SKU
  • Force pick a single or multiple store order
  • Batch pick based on force selections
  • Generate pick tickets by division, customer, range, warehouse, etc,
  • Pull sheet generation by style and location
  • Pick ticket special instructions feature
  • Open pick tickets aging reports
  • Pick ticket status tracking
  • Pick ticket reconciliation

The A2000 shipping programs include a wide array of standard and custom shipping forms and labels to include EDI/Non-EDI VICS Bill of Ladings, Manifests, Packing Lists, Partner specific UCC and content labels, standard address labels and a broad range of reports and listings. In addition to the picking processes, A2000 offers a variety of pick/pack related feature rich programs to include:

  • Automated ASN Creation
  • Multiple packing options
  • Global update/maintenance options
  • Multiple form control options
  • Automated assortment packing
  • Detail level drill down capabilities linking all related modules
  • Pick ticket status tracking program
  • Automated freight, handling, weight, and carton update options
  • Pick cancellation tracking
  • Warehousing locator program
  • Style substitution program
  • Barcode scan packing
  • Touch screen and handheld technology


A2000 software incorporates automatic integration between all A2000 modules providing flexibility and sound referential integrity. Pre-bill adjustments are easily handled at the Pick ticket level through a variety of convenient global and manual adjustment features. EDI Invoices are automatically generated for those customers requiring them. Once the invoice process is complete, customer balances are instantly updated and distributed to the General Ledger. Once an invoice is generated and resides in the invoice file, it appears in the Accounts Receivable module for cash processing (where applicable). Various inquiries and reports may be run providing the user with up-to-date customer financial information.

  • Standard and master invoicing options
  • Line additions and cancellations
  • Single and global invoicing options
  • Global salesman/commission options
  • Quantity/price adjustments
  • Single or global void options
  • Header/line back order, reverse, and cancel balance options
  • Global/manual freight, handling, weight and carton update options
  • Automated user defined remit to options
  • Pro numbers, bill of lading numbers, etc. assignment options
  • Auto bill at shipping with tracking number support.
  • User defined invoice terms & conditions features
  • Multiple form control options
  • Style substitution features
  • Automatic generation of EDI invoices


Once a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is issued, the system continually tracks the item through the various return statuses (i.e., receipt, credit, and re-sale). Return statistical information is readily available for return analysis by style and/or customer.

Bulletin checks and balances ensure the validity of the return and credit. Fully integrated with accounts receivable, accurate and real time credit data is immediately available for sales statistical and gross profit reporting by division, customer, style, etc.

  • Multiple credit application options
  • RMA module
  • Auto credit against RMA and invoice
  • RMA and credit memo reason code tracking
  • Global salesman/commission options
  • Quantity/price adjustments
  • RMA and credit memo void options
  • Credit memo auto populate features
  • Multiple form control options
  • Detail level drill down capabilities linking all related modules
  • Factor options
  • Automatic markdown data retrieval

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