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An ERP system designed by GCS Computers for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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The A2000 ERP package expertly handles all of an organization’s transactional requirements. The system provides separate, yet totally integrated modules for PDM, Production, Forecasting and Inventory, Warehousing, Order Processing, Allocation and Sales, Shipping, Accounting, EDI, Report Writer and System Administration, as well as business specific customized modules for Catalog, Telemarketing, and Web-enabled consumer based sales.

A2000, developed entirely with the Oracle® relational database and tools, ensures the client’s investment is protected not only financially but also operationally through the stability of a leading product developed through the latest technology. Using Oracle® RDBMS with Graphical user interfaces, A2000® run capabilities expand across several platforms and operating systems. No database administrator is needed to maintain the system. The methodology used in A2000® provides for a truly Scalable Open System designed extensively to accommodate business growth and changing requirements. Starting with a single Pentium® server on a local area network running Windows Server, a Company can easily scale up to large multi processor computers supporting several hundred users on Windows or UNIX. Working closely with major apparel manufacturers, importers, accessory, and home furnishing companies, A2000® has developed a fast, state of the art application that is exclusively geared to Apparel and related industries.

Because no two clients are alike and business methods differ among organizations, the system’s broad range of options and flexibility provide a continual formula for successful implementations. A2000’s commitment to quality evolves around the perception that programs and procedures that work well in one situation may fall short in another. Based on this perspective, a set of solution-specific guidelines are established, outlined, and tailored to each client implementation. These guidelines are addressed and enhanced throughout the client relationship to support and assist in the client’s present and future operational success.

As a trusted name in the software industry, A2000 consistently maintains high standards in all areas of “vendor concern” (software, hardware, cost, ease of use, future growth, requirement shifts, training, support, documentation, etc.). As a data management system, A2000 employs sophisticated, yet easy to use programs, facilitating the end user’s proficiency when defining, entering, and manipulating data.

System Implementation and Training

A2000 provides more than just a fully functional software package; it provides ease of use and full customer training and program support. As a data management system, A2000 employs sophisticated, yet easy to use programs, facilitating a user’s proficiency when defining, entering, and manipulating data.

Successful implementations result from a carefully constructed implementation plan that provides for a system that is both productive and efficient. The combination of A2000’s wide array of functions and individually customized implementation plans provide a truly exceptional advantage for business tracking needs. A2000 professionals help ensure that potential future goals are not overlooked when establishing implementation requirements. A2000 professionals work with the client to find solutions, answer questions, and reach and maintain established goals. For each new implementation, A2000 works with the customer to:

  • Define the nature and scope of the implementation
  • Analyze the client/application environment
  • Specify the requirements that the application software must meet.
  • Assess end user application needs and translate those needs into a plan
  • Determine advantages over current system
  • Determine both tangible and intangible benefits to arise as a result of the implementation
  • Outline recommended additions and modifications
  • Examine existing problems to explore possible solutions
  • Outline the nature of the required solution.
  • Decide which solutions best support the direction of the client
  • Create a set of technical specifications outlining what the program must provide for the customer.
  • Distinguish problems that have easily discernable solutions from those requiring further analysis.
  • Design a time and action plan and schedule for Implementation and Training.

The cornerstone of a successful implementation takes planning and commitment. A2000 places high emphasis on deciding what course of action is best to meet and exceed a Company’s planned and future objectives. Developing a comprehensive plan that maps out solutions to best support the direction of the business is the starting point for all implementations.

Functionality Modules

Product Development, Production Management & Import Tracking Starting with the design of a style, A2000’s ease of use is one of the many features facilitating management and development flow. User defined design options, event…

Financials Financial Management Solutions: The fully integrated A2000 Financial Management Solutions empowers employees to make business decisions by using the same financial…

Forecasting & Inventory A2000’s totally integrated system maintains the inventory automatically and accurately throughout the various business processes. Accurate inventories result in…

Order Fulfillment & Warehouse Management Routing is automatically controlled through customer ship-to masters. Distribution can be automatically and easily routed for direct to store, distribution centers, or…

Data Analysis, Reporting and Conversion The A2000 package allows for the import of a number of data format and layout options. The main emphasis on the conversion process is placed on the extraction of data from…

Web and Other Applications A2000 offers a host of innovative features and customized packages for web-based applications, web integration programs, and catalog/retail sales processing. The A2000…

EDI The EDI module was specifically designed to be fully adaptable to industry changes and the ongoing shift in partner relationships. The logical and expandable design…

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