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GCS Computers

A developer of business management software.

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GCS Computers Inc. is privately held and operated, and has been in business since 1984. Behind the power of Oracle, GCS Software has developed our own Software Package called A2000. A2000 was designed in 1997, and currently we have numerous installations covering the full spectrum of garment, footwear, accessories and home furnishing companies. We are headquartered in NYC with a complete staff to support all of our clients needs with the speed and efficiency they demand. GCS provides sales, system implementation, training, and support for the A2000 package.

The employees at GCS Software have extensive years of experience in the soft goods industry and are expert at handling all of your needs. With a complete software package, from Product Development, Forecasting, Production, Sales and Distribution, EDI, Warehousing, Accounting and Web Applications, A2000 is a single source solution, that can run your business efficiently and is cost effective.

In the ever changing world of manufacturing and importing it is of the utmost importance that your software be reliable and flexible. Since A2000 is written in the Oracle language, we ensure our customers that their software package will always be on the cutting edge. By providing yearly upgrades and on going development the A2000 package is the type of software package that can support your business for the present day, and well into the future.

Product Lines

  • A2000

    An ERP system designed by GCS Computers for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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    • GCS ERP

      An ERP system designed by GCS Computers for manufacturing companies.

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      • RPOWER

        A software system designed by GCS Computers for accommodations & food services companies.

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