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The Post Module is where transactions are entered into the journals. Posting in the GCAS accounting system is simple, safe, and reliable. With easy to use features, built in security and real-time integrity checking, the Post Module makes day-to-day accounting a breeze!

  • Timecard application posts hours per project/per employee/per period, with required validations for project number, task number, department, labor category or staff usage to avoid incorrect entry.
  • Warnings issued with supervisor override if an individual exceeds authorized fringe hours or budgeted hours for a project.
  • “Loaning” of staff members across departments or labor categories to permit association with the proper overhead, and flexible hourly bill rates for invoicing and reports.
  • Timecard report allows review/edit of all timecard data entered for the current pay period by employee, date, and project prior to performing labor distribution.
  • Distribution of all hours and labor dollars is properly allocated to jobs with special considerations for premium pay and uncompensated overtime.
  • Web-enabled version of Timecard is available for direct input from any location through your company’s web-site.
  • Posting of the Journals requires balanced debits and credits. Journal entries may be saved as “unposted” allowing saves in an unbalanced state, or for performing management “what if” analyses.
  • A/R, A/P, Disbursement and other user-defined journal entry screens allow the assignment of Voucher and Invoice codes for payables and receivables tracking.
  • Automatic Labor Distribution moves timecard dollars/hours and salary to the general ledger, broken down by project, task and department.
  • Fringe hour accruals are automatically expensed when earned and offset by a posted liability. Liabilities are automatically reduced when the fringe hours are taken.
  • Batch or random processing and printing of payroll checks, as well as direct deposit of payroll, can be run at anytime, even prior to distributing the labor dollars.

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"Post Module" is part of the GCAS (Government Cost Accounting System) line of products, developed by GCAS.

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