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GCAS Incorporated (GCAS), located in San Marcos, California, was originally formed in 2000 as a company dedicated to providing training and support in the area of government job cost accounting. Our flagship product is the Government Cost Accounting System (GCAS), which is a Microsoft-Windows based accounting system in full compliance with GAAP, the FAR and CASB, as required for companies doing business with the Federal government.

GCAS Incorporated - predecessor Dynamic Analysis and Testing Associates (DATA) originally developed the GCAS product in 1984 for use as an in-house accounting system to service their many Government contracts. The GCAS software was designed and developed using our first hand experience in government contracting and was originally developed for our internal use. This direct experience offered by GCAS to our GCAS customers is unique. The result is a government contracting accounting system … DESIGNED BY USERS FOR USERS.


  • Initial Training and Installation of GCAS is in general achieved in four sessions, approximately 16 hours in total. Training can be held either on-site at your facility or at GCAS’ San Diego location. The cost of this training, except for any travel and living expenses, is offered at a low introductory price.
  • The first session is usually conducted by phone and involves the collection of company data, such as examples of how you want your financial reports, invoices and project reports to be formatted, a listing of your current chart of accounts, project and department structure. We take the information you provide and setup your company database for you.
  • In the second session, we install GCAS and the setup of your company on your computer and present the setup information to you in the form of a class in the fundamentals of Job Cost Accounting using your database as an example. At the end of the session, you will be asked to complete the balance of the setup, namely the setup of: a) the Direct Projects and project histories for multi-year contracts, b) the individual labor masters and career information in the Human Resources module, c) setup of Payroll tax and deduction information, and d) the customer and vendor files.
  • Once you have completed this assignment the third session involves training on how to use GCAS for General Ledger, Time Card, Payroll Processing, Purchasing, and Voucher (AP) processing including printing of Payroll and AP checks and AR invoices. The third session is concluded with instructions on setting up your company’s starting balances, whether it is an opening balance for the new year or a mid-year start up.
  • As soon as the starting balances are finished the last session is held. This class includes detailed instructions on the Accounts Receivable (AR) system, the various job cost functions such as generating the Overhead and G&A allocations and transferring Work-In-Process to Cost-Of-Sales or Unbilled Receivables; as well as performing period and year-end closes. The procedures for processing both commercial and Government invoices are demonstrated.
  • When follow-up training is requested, two services are available.
  • One week of training classes are held annually at various locations throughout the United States as part of the GCAS User’s Conference. These classes cover all aspects of the software and government job cost accounting.
  • Additional on-site training at the customer’s facility is available at a daily consulting rate plus prorated travel expenses.


  • Ongoing software support and consulting is provided through our “Hot Line” phone service. Our staff will provide you with help on your purchased software and hardware as part of the software annual maintenance program. This support contract includes a guaranteed full refund during the first 30 days.
  • Expert government job cost accounting support is also available at moderate consulting rates from associate CPA firms that specialize in Government Contracting and Accounting. The amount of consulting time and costs can vary depending upon the extent of your in-house accounting support and your familiarity with government job costing.

Other Support

  • Networking: Multi-user networking of GCAS is available for Microsoft Windows/NT, Novell or generic networks in 5-user blocks (e.g. 5, 10, 15, etc.).
  • Enhancements: The system is programmed to allow for growth and change within your company. Additional requirements, whether GCAS users or the Government initiates them, will be accommodated with add-on modules to the basic system and as customized applications specific to individual business needs.
  • System Upgrades: As your company grows, GCAS will grow with you. We are committed to stay in pace with changes to the various operating systems such as new versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Maintenance Agreement: Telephone support and software upgrades are provided through our low cost annual maintenance program. All new releases of software and documentation for any purchased software is included as part of the maintenance agreement. If you are not satisfied with our support, you may cancel at any time in the first 30-days for a full refund.
  • Web Enabled Modules: Stand-alone applications for Timecard entry, Travel & Living Expense Reports, Purchase Requisitions, Material Receipt and Acceptance, EDI billings and Contract/Project Management are available. These modules reside on your company’s LAN/WAN or Internet Website for easy access by all employees.

Product Lines

  • eExpense

    A web-based software system designed by GCAS for government & public administration companies.

    0 reviews
    • eManage

      A web-based software system designed by GCAS for government & public administration companies.

      0 reviews
      • ePurchase

        A purchase order system designed by GCAS for government & public administration companies.

        0 reviews
        • eTimecard

          A web-based software system designed by GCAS for government contractors companies.

          0 reviews
          • GCAS

            A web-based software system designed by GCAS for government contractors and professional services companies.

            0 reviews

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