Is PAMS-Project Accounting Management System right for your business?

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PAMS is designed to monitor progress and track costs, hours, etc. associated with any type of project. The system maintains extensive project data, at each user-defined level, providing a reference base for control, analysis, and management of project information from project approval to completion.


  • User is able to tailor system to accommodate project reporting requirements.
  • Automatic ‘roll-up’ of project costs and other data allowing instant access to current information at any level.
  • Menu option and data access security provides total protection
  • Complete transaction interface capabilities eliminate necessity of duplication of efforts


Data Entry

  • User defined posting structure allows user to specify number of levels with system.
  • Level definition (key or informational) and descriptions are also user defined.
  • Data ‘roll-up’ allows for automatic summarization of budget information.
  • System interfaces allow for automatic transaction entry from Budget, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Inventory and Payroll.

Project View

  • Optional Project View module provides ability to track other data associated with a project. Such data includes: multi-currencies, hours, revenues, etc.


  • Standard project master file inquiry by user defined posting structure levels.
  • User defined inquiry across any and all files.

Fixed Assets Interface

  • Allocation routine allows for summarization of data into Fixed Asset records using a variety of techniques.
  • Fixed Asset records are transferred to a temporary holding file within the Fixed Assets system for further processing.

Report Highlights

  • Estimated Amount to Complete
  • Capital/Expense Expenditures
  • Capital/Expense Status
  • Committed/Uncommitted Amounts
  • Monthly Budget/Actual
  • Budget Variance
  • Report Writer


The PAMS offering runs on the IBM AS/400.

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