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LEASE tracks all important information related to leases. Any type of property (real property, machinery and equipment, automobile fleets, etc.) may be tracked. Both capital and operating leases are accommodated.


  • FASB13 compliance testing is automatically done by the system. Capitalized amount is calculated for capital leases.
  • Number of payments, payment amount and whether executory costs are included are all user-defined.
  • Varying payment schedules for a lease are easily accommodated by the system.
  • Numerous categories of executory costs (insurance, maintenance, taxes and other) can be maintained for each lease. One-time executory costs are also accommodated.
  • General ledger accounts may be tracked for each capital lease (property, interest expense, current and non-current obligations).



  • Inquiry on a Lease Agreement is available by ten unique selection criteria: Lease Number, Lessor, Review Date, Description, Inception Date, All five user defined Control Level.

Fixed Asset Interface

  • Whenever a lease is determined to be capital, the lease number, capitalized amount, in-service date and useful life are transferred to the GBA Fixed Assets Management System - FAMS.
  • Numerous fields are automatically transferred from LEASE to FAMS (company, division, control levels, description, etc.)
  • One lease may represent a single asset or multiple assets.

General Ledger Interface

  • General ledger interface is available. This interface is most useful when booking the appropriate entries for asset cost, current and non-current obligation, interest expense, and executory cost expense.
  • Operating lease payments can be accommodated through the interface

Report Highlights

  • Detail Lease Listing
  • Detail Amortization Schedule
  • Lease Payment Report
  • Lease Disclosure Report
  • Report Writer

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"LEASE - Lease Accounting Management System" is part of the FAMS-Fixed Assets Management System line of products, developed by GBA Systems.

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