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The Cash Vault & Cash Office Management Tool

CIM-Reports™ is the ultimate cash vault and cash office or cash room manage-ment tool. Using CIM-Reports, managers in organizations running the CIM application are able to view detailed information about all CIM-based activities. CIM-Reports offers a wide array of standard reports and custom reports to meet the specific needs of users.

Standard reports in the CIM-Reports application include:

  • File Management Reports Name Maintenance • Service Fee Maintenance • Signature Maintenance • Interim Consolidation • Consolidation & Reorganization • History File Extract Up to Date

  • Listings and Extract Reports ASCII File Extract-Detail • ASCII File Extract-Summary • Transaction File Listing-Detail • Transaction File Listing-Summary • System Log File • Name & Address Listing • Pinfeed Address Labels/File • Laser Address Labels/File • Customer Profile Sheets

  • Retail Cash Settlement Reports Register Activity • Activity by Item Class & Register • Retail Envelope Summary • Register & Sales Date Activity

  • Delivery Tracking Reports Deliveries by Location • Prepped Deposits • Aged Deliveries • Delivery File by Bag ID Listing

  • Deposit Processing Reports Deposit Activity by Location • Deposits Sorted by Cash Value • Envelope Deposits • Deposit Discrepancy • Deposit Denominations • Deposit Totals by Day of Month • Customer Adjustment Envelope Size • Customer Adjustment MICR • Customer Adjustment Letter

  • Order Processing Reports Order Shipments • Order Shipments Items by Weekday • Pending Order Items by Weekday • Pending Order Amounts by Weekday • Orders Daily Delivery Routes

  • Inventory and Balance Reports Teller & Vault Daily Balance • Teller Inventory • Customer Inventory • Cash-In/Cash-Out Denominations

  • Security Reports Variance Analysis by Teller or Cashier, by Customer, and by Teller / Customer

  • Compliance Reports Large Currency Transactions List • FinCen Form 105 (former 4789) Printing

  • Productivity Reports Teller Activity • Teller Productivity by Group • Transactions by Hour Within Day • Deposits & Orders Daily Volumes by Month • Processed Totals by Month in Year

  • Analysis Reports Deposit & Order Analysis • Deposit Analysis • Order Analysis

  • Forecasting and Planning Reports Forecast Analysis Volumes by Weekday • Forecast Analysis Volumes by Month • Forecast Cash Volumes by Weekday • Forecast Cash Volumes by Month • Re-Order Recommendations by Week • Deposit & Order Item Detail by Weekday

  • ATM Management and Control Reports ATM Cash In & Out by Day of Week • ATM Cash In & Out by Month of Year • ATM Replenishment Recommendation by Week • ATM Item Detail by Day of Week • ATM Special Daily Balance • ATM Emergency Replenishments • ATM Daily Divert Report • ATM Daily Out of Balance Report • ATM Cash In & Out and Vault Balance

  • Profitability and Invoicing Reports Invoice Print & File Creation • Time & Attendance • Profit Contribution by Teller • Maintain Fee Table • Edit Report Header • Edit Report Footer