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The GammaSoft Executive Series Personnel Management/Human Resource system is fully integrated with GSI’s payroll system, can be installed stand-alone or can easily be integrated with any non-GSI payroll system.

Personnel Management Features:

  • Attendance History
    • Full Year Calendar Showing Attendance Activity
    • Unlimited Number of User-Defined Attendance Codes
    • Multiple Input Methods (On-Line, Batch, Outside Interface)
    • Unlimited User-Defined Retention
  • Accrual Processing
    • Maintain Eligibility, Time Taken and Time Due
    • Attendance Codes May be Defined as Accrual
    • User-Defined Accrual Process (Includes Frequency, Amount, Initial Start Date, Accrual Date, When to Activate, Adjustment Amount and Length of Service Formulas)
  • Employee History
    • Accessible by Date Range and Category
    • Unlimited History Categories Such as Warnings, Accidents, Awards, Raises, Education, Training, Memberships, Termination, Retirement, etc.
  • Evaluations
    • User-Defined Evaluation Criteria with Assigned Values
    • User-Defined Employee Categories
    • Composite Scores by Employee
    • Review Dates by Employee
    • Monthly Evaluation Worksheet Generation
    • Comments May be Entered at Time of Evaluation
  • Security
    • Users are Assigned Levels of Access (Update/Inquiry), Access to Selected Pay Types, Access to Pay Rates and Access to All or Selected Divisions and Departments
    • Extensive Reporting and Inquiry Capability
  • Interface
    • Variable Interface to Any Payroll System by Defining the Employee Master File to the Interface Program

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Personnel Management/Human Resource:

"Personnel Management/Human Resource" is part of the GammaSoft Executive Series Accounting line of products, developed by Gamma Software.