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The GammaSoft Executive Series Log Accounting is fully integrated with the other GammaSoft Executive Series modules, can be installed stand-alone or can easily interface with any non-GSI module.

Log Accounting was designed for use in the Forest Products industry. In general the package tracks log scale into the mill, pays loggers, truckers & other vendors and allows log sales from inventory or woods direct.

Base Package Features:

  • Multi-Company Processing
  • User-Accessed Control Records for “Customizing” the System
  • Accepts Scale Tickets Electronically from any Scaling Bureau and/or Scale May be Entered Manually in Either Detail or Summary Form
  • Accepts Tagged Logs, Untagged Logs, Weight Tickets and Sample Scale
  • Supports Short (20’) and Long Log (40’) Scale
  • Reporting Includes Missing Ticket Report, Detail Log List, Log Ticket Tabulation, Log Scale Certificates, Logging Costs/MBF, Delivered Log Costs, Delivered Load, Yield/Harvest Tax, Truck Number Report and a Variety of Log Summary Reports
  • All Reporting Includes Date and Other Appropriate Selection Criteria
  • Pay Loggers, Truckers and Other Vendors Through Flexible User-Defined Contract File That Includes Vendor, Source, Destination, Species, Grade and Log Size
  • A Contract May be Split to Pay One or More Sub-Contractors on Behalf of the Prime Contractor
  • Print Preliminary Payment Schedules Before Finalizing Payments
  • Automatically Post Payments to Accounts Payable for Check Printing

Optional Log Sales Module Features:

  • Invoice Customers for Log Sales Through Flexible User-Defined Contract File
  • Log Sales Supports Woods Direct Sales and Inventory Sales
  • Wide Variety of Log Sales Reports With Date and Appropriate Selection Criteria

Optional Mill Usage Module Available Soon:

  • Mill Usage Module Will Include Usage By Deck, Usage By Log Tag Number and a Wide Variety of Reporting Options

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Log Accounting:

"Log Accounting" is part of the GammaSoft Executive Series Accounting line of products, developed by Gamma Software.