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Gamma Software

A developer of business management software.

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Gamma Software, Inc. was founded in Medford, Oregon in January 1981. In 1983, IBM began what was known as the Marketing Assistance Program (MAP). GSI was chosen as one of the initial MAP firms that year. GSI has remained an active member in the IBM business partner program for over 20 years. This relationship has allowed GSI to work very closely with IBM to provide total solutions, creating a professional partnership between GSI and its customers.

GSI has installed packages in a wide variety of businesses. Our installation base covers wholesale and retail grocery, manufacturing, beer and wine distribution, race horse management, construction, sand and gravel, garbage collection, trucking, cruise lines, publishing, dairy, health care, banking, insurance and all phases of the forest products industry, including manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

Our financial packages are an excellent fit in all industries due to the built-in flexibility, user programming functions and our ability to modify and support the packages for each industry. We also provide standard interfaces for a number of 3rd party packages as well as interfaces to your custom code.

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