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Whether in a stand alone environment or in conjunction with select ERP applications, FusionRIM provides independent store level inventory management capabilities. If integrated, only an internet connection is required to update corporate i.e. no terminal services or Citrix is required. FusionRIM provides the following:

  • Purchase Order Wizard- uses location specific variables such as Min/MAX to suggest purchase order quantities using local sales figures.
  • Create Purchase Orders- allows store personnel to create vendor specific purchase orders as suggested by PO Generate or independently.
  • Receive Purchase Orders- Stand alone or integrated PO receipt allows receipt of purchase orders at the store. If integrated, the ERP inventory is automatically updated with quantities received.
  • Receive Transfer Orders- In an integrated environment, stores can receive Transfer Orders generated by Corporate.
  • Manage Physical Counts- Maintaining accurate inventory is made easier with regular and accurate physical counts.
  • Printing Barcode Labels- Necessary for all store operations.

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"Inventory Management" is part of the Fusion Retail Management line of products, developed by Fusion Retail Management System.

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