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The business that understands their customers best wins. This is especially true in retail. FusionPOS provides seamless integration into many accounting systems, thus eliminating the need to manually synchronize transactions. In some cases, your accounting system may not have the sophistication to track and analyze customer data the way you need to stay competitive. FusionPOS offers maximum flexibility in managing the demographics and activities of your customers through its ability to use three distinct customer types.

  • ERP customer. ERP customers are unique in both FusionPOS and the underlying ERP. Typically reserved for customers who carry open accounts, every transaction in FusionPOS for an ERP customer creates a mirror transaction in the ERP.
  • Cash Customer. On the other end of the spectrum is the ubiquitous FusionPOS cash customer. Reserved for the most basic retail transactions, all cash customer transactions are periodically “rolled up” and posted into the ERP thus reducing the processing burden.
  • Fusion Customer. Unique to FusionPOS is the Fusion Customer. FusionPOS preserves the integrity of each Fusion Customer while minimizing the burden on the ERP system. Like Cash Customers, transactions for Fusion Customers are “rolled-up” for consolidated posting into the ERP. However, FusionPOS maintains unique records of each Fusion Customer, tracking individual purchases, returns, pricing, payment methods, etc. In addition, FusionPOS captures an infinite amount of demographic data ideal for market segmentation, targeted marketing, purchase trend analysis, and more.

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"CRM" is part of the Fusion Retail Management line of products, developed by Fusion Retail Management System.

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