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Fusion Retail Management

A POS management system developed by Fusion.
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Since 1988 Fusion has brought clients robust Point of Sale functionality integrated with Mid-Market ERP packages. Eliminating redundant data entry, optimizing inventory levels and improving management reporting are all hallmarks of a Fusion environment.

Over the years expanded POS functionality has been complimented by the introduction of multiple register types: Cash Register, Customer Service Register and Mobile Register; improved Inventory Management, Forecasting and Planning capabilities as well as Gift Card and Loyalty Programs. Fusion Retail Management Solution (FusionRMS) is a complete solution for today’s complex retail environments

Fusion register options

Fusion offers multiple register types to fit your budget and integration requirements. Our different cash register options include:

  • Cash Register- FusionCR is the most robust basic POS register on the market today. Ideal for most retail environments, FusionCR can accommodate both Cash and Fusion Customers along with all the features you have come to expect from FusionPOS.
  • Customer Service Register- FusionCSR starts with FusionCR functionality and adds the ability to manage individual ERP Customers from the register. Using FusionCSR the operator can:
    • Create new ERP customers pending final approval
    • Update ERP customer data as allowed
    • Check available credit
    • Take payments on account
    • Process open balance sales
    • Create sales orders in the ERP for future fulfillment through FusionWMS or the standard ERP sales order process.
  • Quick Serve Retail Register- FusionQSR provides a fully touch-screen environment for high volume environments. Cascading menus guide the operator for quick effortless transactions.
  • Mobile Register- FusionMR is the latest introduction into the Fusion family of products. Targeting environments where the merchandise cannot be brought to the register (furniture and appliance stores) or environments where operators are required to have extensive product knowledge (wine stores, specialty retailers), FusionMR operates on any tablet with a wi-fi connection. You can capture customer demographics, create orders, review merchandise tear sheets, etc., all without leaving the client’s side. Settlement is as easy as recalling the order from either a FusionCR or FusionCSR and processing payment using Fusion standard payment.

eCommerce Integration

FusionRMS recognizes that a web site is the virtual store front to every retailer. Every aspect of the site uniquely crafts an impression, enhances the user experience and defines the brand. Compromising for the sake if of efficiency is ill advised.

FusionRMS works with your web developers to facilitate the movement of data, product definitions and descriptions, orders, confirmations, images, etc. between the back office and the web. Using proprietary mapping tools, Fusion eliminates the need for manual order transfer / reentry or maintaining redundant inventory tables, separate customer records, etc.

Functionality Modules

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