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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Speed - Power - Flexibility - Integration

With a host of features to handle virtually any billable service, FBWin Utility Billing is the most complete and easy-to-use utility billing application available for small governments.

Intelligent Design & Advanced Features

FBWin Utility Billing is organized logically for efficient bill processing. Everything from entering meter reads through bill printing to receipting payment is presented in a clear, step-by-step manner. Behind FBWin Utility Billing’s easy-to-use interface is an application with the power and features to handle your most demanding utility billing needs.

Easy Account Maintenance

FBWin Utility Billing’s unique Location ID record identification system ensures that every location-occupant combination is stored and managed individually. The Location ID feature makes it possible to manage each account with accuracy and control.

When working in the Utility Master screen, it is also possible to sort and find accounts by account number, meter read sequence number, social security number or one of 10 available user-defined fields!

Accounts can be arranged into sections that correspond to read routes, special rate zones or geographical regions. You can then group one or more sections into cycles for fast batch-billing processes. FBWin Utility Billing allows you to run processes, print reports and apply processing restrictions using these account groupings.

FBWin Utility Billing is designed to handle a wide range of metered services including water, sewer, electric, demand and gas. Utility Billing also handles fees and charges for non-metered services such as activation charges, refuse pickup, service fees, flat-rate items and more!

FBWin Utility Billing allows for an unlimited number of billing items and fee structures. Define general ledger distribution, penalties, late-charges or interest on any item. Assign virtually any combination of billing items and rate codes to customers.

For metered services, FBWin Utility Billing makes entering reads quick and easy. Using read sequence numbers for each account, you can quickly enter meter reads in the same order as they are listed in your meter book. The application automatically calls up each account in order as you enter your reads. Meter changes, rollovers, final bills and new customers are easily handled during your billing cycle.

For even faster bill processing, automatically import your meter reads using one of the optional auto-meter interfaces FundBalance offers. FundBalance has import-export interfaces for virtually every top auto-meter product on the market.

Fast Payment Processing

FBWin Utility Billing provides an amazing amount of power and flexibility for handling bill payment processing. FBWin Utility Billing has advance capabilities for handling partial payments, overpayments and distributing credit balances to new charges.

FBWin Utility Billing provides several methods of managing bill payments. Enter individual receipts quickly by simply calling up the account number. Use an optional bar code scan system to scan bills for payment. For efficient batch processing, import receipts in batches from FBWin Cash Receipts. Plus, FBWin Utility Billing now supports automatic draft payments!

Integration & Scalability

FBWin Utility Billing can function as either a stand-alone application or in conjunction with FBWin Cash Receipts and FBWin General Ledger. Receipt utility payments using FBWin Cash Receipts, and then import those receipts into FBWin Utility Billing. FBWin Utility Billing creates journal entries for export to FBWin General Ledger. Using FBWin Utility Billing as part of an integrated system increases your productivity and reduces the costs of duplicated work and errors.

You can run FBWin Utility Billing on a single workstation, a small peer-to-peer network or on a large LAN or WAN. Contact us for our recommended configurations.

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"Utility Billing" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..