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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.


FBWin TimeSheet assists payroll personnel, managers and employees in tracking and reporting work hours, assigned tasks and attendance for any size organization.

FBWin TimeSheet has powerful time management and reporting capabilities, yet it’s remarkably easy to install and implement. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the information you need.

TimeSheet’s security capabilities are flexible and easy to set up. TimeSheet supports multiple levels of access to various areas in the application. Employees can enter their hours and print weekly timesheets. Managers can produce departmental reports and manage their employee tasks. Restrict the system maintenance areas to department heads or payroll administrators.


Use the Preferences program to set the start of your workweek, synchronize TimeSheet with FBWin Payroll and configure TimeSheet to export hours to ADP.

FBWin Payroll Integration

Import employee information and general ledger distribution from FBWin Payroll and then export employees’ hours and general ledger distribution back into FBWin Payroll for automatic payroll processing. Employee information, including hours and general ledger distribution, can also be exported to ADP.

Group Your Tasks

Use Task Groups to define the broad categories of work performed at your organization. There are several ways to set up task groups. For example, create task groups to correspond to your project names, or classify similar kinds of work into task groups.

Create specific tasks for which you need to track hours or percentage allocation. Examples of tasks include meetings, project management or maintenance work. You can even create tasks to track sick time, vacation time and holidays. Track your labor costs by project quickly and efficiently.

Once tasks and task groups have been created, managing them and assigning them to employees is simple. Department heads will find it easy to restrict their employees’ task list to only the tasks fulfilled by their department. Once tasks have been created, you can assign them as recurring tasks to individual employees. A person’s recurring tasks appear automatically on the hours input screen every time they launch the application for easy data entry.

Department Management

The Departments module allows you to set up department groups for all of your employees. If you link FBWin TimeSheet to FBWin Payroll, all of your payroll departments are transferred to TimeSheet automatically!

Departments can have specific tasks assigned to them; if so, employees can enter hours only for the tasks that are assigned to their department.

Rate Codes

Using Rate Codes, you can define all of the earnings types that will be applicable to your employees. Examples include: regular, overtime, sick, and holiday pay. When interfaced to FBWin Payroll, all of your rate codes are transferred to TimeSheet automatically. FBWin TimeSheet allows you to specify ADP rate codes in addition to FBWin Payroll earnings codes.

Rate Codes give you the capability to set rules for how many hours employees can enter for any given rate code before manager approval is required.


Using the Employees module, you can enter all hourly or salaried employees, specify their department assignments, set their default rate code, and assign recurring tasks. TimeSheet allows you to set a primary department for each employee, plus as many secondary departments as needed. Additionally, you can set each user’s security level, login ID and the method you’ll use for distributing their time. TimeSheet supports breaking time down by percentages or hours.

If linked to FBWin Payroll, all of your employees are loaded into the Timesheet database-automatically!

Export Hours

FBWin Payroll will automatically accept hours and employee information exported directly from TimeSheet. You can easily export employee hours using TimeSheet’s flexible export capabilities. TimeSheet can export hours in several different file formats including ADP, standard comma delimited and XML.

Report Output

All reports may be sorted and restricted by date with additional sort options. TimeSheet reports can be output to a wide variety of laser printers, and report files can be saved in a number of file formats for use in word processors, spreadsheets or to be distributed as Web pages.


A variety of reports are available in TimeSheet, including standard employee timesheet reports, departmental reports, and maintenance reports.

Managers and department heads can track hours used across an entire department or multiple departments.

The standard TimeSheet report is powerful, fast and flexible. Individual employees can print their weekly timesheets, or managers can print out timesheets for all employees in their department.

The Task Allocation Report makes it possible to track resource allocation to various tasks or task groups. This report is a fantastic tool for managing how resources are allocated across particular tasks, task groups, or projects.

The Rate Code Hourly Report is a great management tool, useful for budgeting and job costing. This report prints a breakdown of all earnings type totals for tasks, hours and employees using those earnings.

Standard FBWin TimeSheet Reports Include

  • Departmental Timesheet
  • Maintenance
  • Timesheet
  • Task Allocation
  • Rate Code Hourly

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with TimeSheet:

"TimeSheet" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..