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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Speed. Flexibility. Integration. FBWin Purchase Order is designed to manage the purchasing process of any size organization.


FBWin Purchase Order will ease the management of your purchasing department, and help you quickly produce accurate financial reports. The application works closely with FBWin General Ledger and Accounts Payable to automatically encumber and unencumbered funds as you pay invoices.

Easy Entry!

FBWin Purchase Order makes entering purchase orders as easy as possible. The Enter Purchase Orders program was designed to look like a purchase order form. You simply enter the vendor’s name or number, and up comes the ordering address and purchasing terms. Other information includes the payment terms, due dates, and shipping terms. You have the ability to use temporary vendors or quickly set up a permanent vendor “on-the-fly.” Vendor data you input is seamlessly shared with FBWin Accounts Payable. With the built-in departmental security features, you can restrict user access to allow each department to enter purchase orders separately. You may also enter details such as required date, expiration date, purchase order type (blanket, confirming or regular), shipping address, and a summary description. You can enter as many items and lines of description on your purchase orders as you want. The quantity, item, unit price, and general ledger allocation are brought up automatically from the vendor master to save data entry.

Checks and Balances.

Your purchase orders will be accurate before they are processed. The application constantly double-checks your input for data integrity. Inactive vendors, duplicate purchase orders, and overdrawn budget accounts are double-checked by the application. The application will optionally restrict the use of overdrawn accounts without authorization. Each purchase order can support multiple general ledger funds and accounts. If you have FBWin Accounts Payable, authorized purchase order information is transferred to FBWin Accounts Payable. While you are in FBWin Accounts Payable, enter the purchase order number, and the application takes care of the rest.

Vendor Ease

We designed the vendor information screen to contain as much information as possible. The application holds the vendor ordering address, remittance address, status (active or inactive), vendor type and minority code. You may enter standard default terms for calculating discounts, net payments, and the standard shipping terms. The vendor file is shared with FBWin Accounts Payable so you won’t need to enter the information twice.

Display Away!

FBWin has on-screen displays that allow you to access and view information on the screen. All displays are on the same menu for ease of use. Multiple displays can be active at the same time. Each display program has multiple sort options so you can look up information the way you want to. Display options include: PO by vendor, PO/invoice history and product codes. All displays are secure so that data may not be changed.

Other Applications

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"Purchase Order" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..