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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

FBWin Payroll is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, software package designed to manage the payroll data of any government non-profit organization, regardless of size. It easily accommodates payroll requirements for all states, and can be used with other FundBalance applications to effortlessly reconcile paychecks, create journal entries to post to General Ledger and generate reports.

About FundBalance Payroll

FBWin Payroll is a comprehensive, easy-to-learn-and-use application that can streamline your current payroll process.

Simply enter your employee data, including standard hours worked, wages earned, deductions, taxes and costs. Set this up just one time. Each payroll period thereafter, just enter the exceptions to your original data, such as sick time or vacation hours taken. FBWin Payroll will do the rest. It will generate time sheets, the payroll register, paychecks, remittance checks, reports and the associated journal entries, which can be appended directly to FBWin General Ledger.

Payroll incorporates pull-down menus, look-up windows, on-line help and mouse support so it’s so easy to learn and use. All of the programs are listed on the menus in the order you will use them, so you’ll always know which program to run next. The system is fully documented.

Power and Flexibility Meet All of Your Payroll Requirements

Payroll’s flexibility lets you tailor the system to your needs. You can modify the system to accommodate the following:

  • Direct Deposits
  • Support for laser and dot matrix checks
  • Debit and credit accounts
  • Any number of payroll cycles per year
  • Retirement plans
  • Multiple general ledger number distributions per employee
  • Personnel information (such as disciplinary action, job-related accidents, and anniversaries)
  • User-defined data fields

Never worry about overloading Payroll with data. It can handle an unlimited number of taxes, deductions and costs. Only your computer’s memory and hard disk space limit the amount of data that can be stored by the application. Specifically, Payroll accommodates the following:

Taxes-Four taxes (Social Security, Medicare, Earned Income Credit and Federal) come with the application. You can set up and assign as many others as you like.

Earnings-The application comes with 4 predefined codes (Regular hours, 1.5 OT, Sick and Vacation). Users may create as many additional codes as needed. Each earnings code is available for use by each employee. Earnings can be assigned a multiplier, added to gross or net wages and can be taxed or not, as necessary.

Deductions-You can set up and assign as many deductions as you like. Deductions can be taken in any pay period, can be taxed or not, and can be accumulated using any of 8 calculation methods.

Employer Costs-You can set up and assign as many employer costs as you like. Employer costs can be taken in any pay period, can be taxed or not and can be accumulated using any of 7 calculation methods.

Leave Hours-You can set up and assign as many leave hour codes as you like. Leave hours can be accrued using various methods and can be limited or carried over to the next year as your organization dictates.

Miscellaneous Codes-Instead of using miscellaneous deductions and cost codes, now you can create and define an unlimited amount of codes.

Simplify Your Payroll Processing

Payroll simplifies your payroll processing. Once your initial data has been entered into the system, processing each payroll cycle is easy. You’ll just enter any exceptions to employee’s normal hours and wages (e.g., sick time or vacation time). The Payroll system will calculate payroll, print payroll checks and create journal entries. A direct deposit feature is available for employees opting to have paychecks deposited directly to their accounts. You can print test forms of dot matrix checks as often as necessary to properly align them on your printer without having to worry about double-posting journal entries. And, of course, if you’re using a laser printer- aligning checks is easy! You can opt to have remittance checks printed for taxes, deductions and employer costs. Voiding checks can be done in one quick step; all period-to-date totals and journal entries will be adjusted for you automatically.

Payroll is Easy to Learn and Use and is Fully Supported

Payroll is fully documented, with complete instructions on how to install, customize and use the application. In addition, training is available at our office or yours, and we are always available to answer your questions on our toll-free technical support line.

Reporting is Easy with Payroll

Payroll offers more then 40 standard reports to meet your needs. These reports let you select the range of data to print. You can even change the order in which data appears on the report using a single keystroke. All reports can be saved in Microsoft Word, rich text or HTML format.

Other Applications

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"Payroll" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..