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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Speed. Flexibility. Integration.

FBWin General Ledger is designed to handle the fund accounting requirements of local government and non-profit entities. It is the hub of the FBWin integrated financial system. You are assured of the highest degree of reliability and accountability because General Ledger is based on sound accounting procedures and has undergone many reviews and audits by CPA’s and state auditors.

Flexible Chart of Accounts.

A critical element of any general ledger application is the chart of accounts structure. FBWin lets you define an unlimited number of funds, departments and accounts. The best part is that you determine the exact length and format during installation. This flexibility accommodates most charts of accounts, and conforms to GAAFR and GASB standards. Also, there is a separate coding system used to identify fund categories, fund types, and account classifications. These function codes are key components for GASB 34 compliance.

Easy Budget!

Budget preparation is fast and efficient. Budget worksheets are available at any time, and can track up to three levels of approval (department request, manager request and final board approved). Users can calculate initial budget requests, based on one of the six different historical figures such as last year’s actual and last year’s budget. To these figures you can even apply a “What If” multiplier to fine tune the numbers even further. We provide additional flexibility by letting you apply this calculation to any range of funds, departments and accounts. Budget worksheets are printed with YTD actual, current budget, previous budget, and blank columns to write in next year’s request. Final budgets are automatically moved into current year at year-end close.

A monthly budgeting feature lets you match budget needs with actual cash flows. Specialized reports monitor accounts and departments at all times on demand.

Budget amendments can be made at any time through the journal entry process. The system maintains a detailed audit trail of all transactions.

Journal Entries and More!

FBWin General Ledger easily handles compound journal entries, allowing you to enter multiple debits and multiple credits for each journal entry. A running total for debit and credit entries lets you know where you stand at all times; a warning message appears if debits and credits do not balance within a fund before you save the transaction.

Recurring journal entries automate your data entry. Set up a template for entries that occur on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

An integrated project tracking feature allows you to manage transactions for capital improvements and grants on both year-to-date and life-to-date basis.

Multiple open accounting periods allow you to post transactions to prior months or the previous year while continuing with your current activity.

On-screen displays let you quickly access and view summary or detail transaction history for an account. This includes budget, YTD actual and balance information. View summary information for an entire department to monitor the big picture. You can even restrict user access to the department level.


Pre-defined report formats come standard with the application, and typically these will meet most of your requirements. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you enough information for your organization.

Reports are available by selecting from numerous options such as date range, range of funds, range of departments, or a range of accounts. You can also choose to total by fund type, function code, or account class. Choose from these and many more report options.

Other Applications

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"General Ledger" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..