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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Sexton™ Cemetery Management is a comprehensive application designed to manage burial spaces for cemeteries of all sizes. It provides you with all the tools necessary for tracking your plots. You can manage owner and genealogical information, process burial records and generate reports with ease.

About Sexton™ Cemetery Management

Sexton™ Cemetery Management offers you a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, solution to your cemetery management process. It’s designed to streamline record keeping for cemeteries of all sizes. Sexton™ does this by managing a limitless number of cemetery locations and spaces. This includes plots, niches, mausoleums, etc. Sexton™ also tracks fields with information often requested by members of the community, and can be a valuable aid to individuals and groups involved in genealogical research. Reports can be quickly selected from a menu and run at any time. Sexton™ users realize cost savings by spending less time manually searching for information and thereby improving risk management and increasing efficiency.

Everything from entering owner information to printing reports is presented in an orderly and intuitive manner, allowing users to easily access and rapidly process data. The application includes comprehensive on-line help to meet your instructional and reference needs.

All of our applications incorporate the latest user-friendly features, including drill-down menus, look-up windows, user-defined fields and mouse support.


Sexton™ is so powerful that you can select the way you look up data with a single keystroke. Access information via name, date of birth, date of death, plot number, former name, owner ID and any of the user-defined fields. Multiple sort and search options ensure that users quickly find the records they need.

The system allows users to customize the format for their location ID numbers, giving quick and intuitive access to plot information. It can be designed to manage just one cemetery location or hundreds, with a virtually unlimited number of spaces in each cemetery location. This allows you to define a format of 11 to 65 characters that can be used to identify the location of each space.

Owner Information

FundBalance designed the Owner Information screen to manage as much data as you need. The application maintains owner names, addresses, telephone numbers, next of kin information, additional contacts and comment lines. You can easily reference plots by owner, and can identify how many plots a person owns.

Deceased Information

Basic information is kept for each burial, such as the deceased name, location ID, date of death, date of burial, burial permit number, etc. You can also record memorial information on each plot, such as who placed each memorial, the dates placed, the type of memorial, inscription, planting notes, special care instructions, wreaths, eternal flames, etc. You can also record details on the funeral home and the church handling the arrangements. You can keep track of as much or as little information as you want because you can conclude your data entry at any point on the screen.


Pre-defined reports come with the application and should meet all of your needs. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you the level of information that you need. The reports included with Sexton™ Cemetery Management are as follows:

  • Burial Register
  • Deceased Listing
  • Cemetery Census Report
  • Ownership Report
  • Location Report
  • Cemetery Locations
  • Cemetery Sections
  • Cemetery Blocks
  • Funeral Homes
  • Church/Religion
  • Owner Report

Report options are available by selecting from numerous parameters, such as location ID range, date range, veterans list only, summary/detail version and much more. You also have your choice of sort order on all reports. You may export your reports to spreadsheet, database or word processing applications.


Microsoft Access 2000 must be installed on your computer in order to access the database in FundBalance Sexton™ Cemetery Management.

Sales and Transfers

Daily plot sales and transfers can also be recorded in the system. This includes the purchase price, plan type and fees. You have plenty of room for additional notes on each transaction, too. You know at a glance which plots are reserved, vacant, occupied or unavailable.

Other Special Features

Identify veteran grave sites so you can mark them for flag or memorial placement.

Create a virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields to track information unique to your cemetery. These fields can also be used to look up deceased information, and to sort and select records for reports.

Create your own queries to gather information from any field in the database.

Link any attachment (such as a scanned copy of a death certificate) to a plot record for detailed information.


On-screen displays let you quickly access your information. Sexton™ Cemetery Management gives you access to information in a wide variety of ways, and you will quickly appreciate the time savings. It’s easy to look up information by deceased name, owner name, location ID number, or one of several other methods.

Other Applications

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"Cemetery Management" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..