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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Speed. Flexibility. Integration. FBWin Cash Receipts is designed to meet the receipting needs of municipalities of all types and sizes.

Cash Receipting has never been this easy!

FBWin Cash Receipts serves as a full featured cash register system or batch entry cash receipting system. Either way, your receipts are easy to enter, easy to modify and easy to report. Processing your cash receipts with FBWin helps you reduce errors and increase efficiency because you enter your transactions only once. Your receipts can be transferred to FBWin General Ledger.

Versatility is the Key

FBWin Cash Receipts lets you set up as many cash registers and drawers as your organization needs. Each department or cashier may have their own drawer as the system tallies the receipts per drawer for quick reconciliation at the end of the day.

Printer support is available for each cash drawer, which can be either a 40 column receipt printer with validation slot, a normal printer without validation or no printer at all.

An optional bar code scanning feature is available. This allows you to take advantage of bar code technology and reduce the time it takes to enter a receipt. Hardware options include a scanning wand or laser gun.

Entering Cash Receipts

The receipt entry screen looks like a receipt form. You can enter more then one receipt item from a single customer and when you are finished, you press one key to start printing the receipt and tendering funds. If your customer wants to pay with a mix of cash and check, no problem! You may enter any number of tender types. The application calculates change and validates items.

Receipt Types

All receipt types are set up in advance to ease the flow of work. For every item sold or service rendered, you can define a receipt type. Some of the receipt items include: utility bills, tax bills, building permits, dog licenses, etc. The information defined for each receipt type includes the following:

Reference Identification. The Reference ID is used to identify each transaction and may be a customer number, property number, contract number, etc.

Data Export. Each receipt type can be automatically transferred to another file and destination of your choosing. This helps you interface Cash Receipts with any number of third party software programs such as building permits or donor tracking.

Validations. You can choose the default number of validation stamps, for checking and documents in advance.

General Ledger Distribution: Enter one debit and any number of credits to allocate a receipt type. You can enter a different bank account and description for each general ledger number. The description is optionally printed on the receipt.

General Ledger Distribution can be by percentage or a flat amount. If you charge a flat amount for a service, then you can allocate that amount among any number of general ledger numbers. If you charge a different amount, such as with a utility bill, then you can attach a percent figure to each general ledger number.

Receipt History

If keeping one, two, or more years of cash receipt history is important to you, you can select an option to keep historical data automatically. At any time, history reports can be selected, viewed on screen and printed. Later, historical data can be purged from the system on command.

Reports Made Easy!

Pre-defined reports come standard with the system, and will typically meet all of your needs. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you just enough information for your readers (see list below).

Some report customization is available by selecting from numerous parameters such as date range, receipt number and reference ID. You can select the sorting order on many reports.

The data export feature allows you to easily transfer information to most commercial spreadsheets and word processors. This will help you add your data to presentation material.

On-screen displays let you quickly access and view summary or detail information on your screen.


Multiple Tender Types. You can define an unlimited number of tender types such as checks, cash and charge cards to keep track of different forms of money your organization receives. Each tender type can be set up to open the cash drawer, validate an item and optionally print your own message in the check validation (For example, For Deposit Only to the Bank of…).

Multiple Bank Accounts. An unlimited number of banking institutions and accounts can be supported by the application. This helps you quickly produce bank deposit reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cash Receipts:

"Cash Receipts" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..