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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

FBWin Capital Assets is the GASB 34 compliant version of our prior release of Fixed Assets. GASB 34 requires that your organization report on the value of your infrastructure and fixed assets. FBWin Capital Assets encompasses both aspects of this requirement. FBWin Capital Assets is a full-featured and affordable, asset-tracking system designed to meet the needs of local governments and non-profit organizations. FBWin Capital Assets is part of your complete solution to your financial reporting needs, which include the GASB 34 reporting requirements.

A Powerful and Flexible Capital Assets Management System

FBWin Capital Assets is so powerful that it can maintain records for an unlimited number of assets. The only restriction on the number of records you can maintain is the amount of hard disk space on your computer.

FBWin Capital Assets is so flexible that it can be used as a stand-alone module, or integrated with FBWin General Ledger for complete financial reporting on depreciation and capitalization of your asset values.

GASB 34 Functions

We have added many new features to assist you in preparing your GASB 34 reports. Some of these new features include infrastructure tracking and depreciation tracking based on the standard and modified approaches. We also help you with many other GASB 34 related aspects. Capital Assets will allow you to track multiple funding sources back to their fund classifications and activity type. By linking FBWin Capital Assets to Tyler Technologies GASB 34 Reporter, you can import your asset value figures quickly and effortlessly during the adjustment stage of your financial reporting process.

Capital Assets includes many features to help you track your infrastructure assets as required by GASB 34. In addition to traditional depreciation, using the modified approach is now possible with Capital Assets. New features include recording condition assessments, minimum required condition levels and budgeted maintenance amounts.

FBWin Capital Assets includes enhanced features for recording capitalized assets. Now you can set default capitalization thresholds for your assets based on asset class. We’ve included the ability to distribute capitalization across multiple accounts, departments or funds.

About FBWin Capital Assets

Capital Assets is designed to handle all of your asset transactions: creating asset records, calculation and posting of depreciation, recording capitalization activity, creating journal entries and preparing several different reports, such as insurance, maintenance and financial reports for your annual audit.

FBWin Capital Assets produces the three GASB 34 schedules: Schedule By Source, Schedule By Function and Activity and Schedule of Changes By Function and Activity. Every task, from entering asset information to printing reports, is presented in an orderly and intuitive manner giving you quick and easy access to your asset information. FBWin Capital Assets incorporates user-friendly features, such as partial drill-down displays, look-up windows and online HTML help.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

FBWin Capital Assets lets you enter as much or as little information as you want for each asset you are recording. Enter general asset information such as description, model number and serial number. Acquisition and insurance information can be entered just as easily as tracking original funding sources or adding user-defined fields. All of this information is entered on one master screen which is organized using a tab format that makes your information readily accessible.

In-Program Displays

Once you have accumulated your asset information, you need to be able to retrieve it quickly and easily. In-program displays let you quickly access, view and print your asset information from one screen. You can view an asset’s descriptive information, history and activity – including location changes, repairs, condition changes, depreciation and more. Multiple look up options let you retrieve records based on information such as asset ID number, location code, or acquisition date. You can even create your own restrictions based on any field present in the asset master file. Once your records are accessed, your information can be sorted by column, or you can use the find text feature to pinpoint field information.

Open the history display to get details on each history line. Reports can be printed from the history display screen at the touch of a button.

Depreciation & Capitalization

FBWin Capital Assets offers seven methods of depreciation, including a “no depreciation” option, to help you accurately reflect the use and value of each asset. The other six depreciation methods include: Straight Line, Activity, Declining Balance, Double-Declining Balance, Sum-of-Years Digits and the modified approach. Each asset can maintain its own depreciation schedule based on a frequency that you select. The depreciation schedule is user-driven and based on date. FBWin Capital Assets makes the appropriate journal entries to post to FBWin General Ledger. The depreciation process updates your assets’ salvage and book values making it simple for you to always know the true value of your assets.

Asset Disposal

When an asset is disposed of at the end of its useful life, you can record details about that disposal in the same place you entered the original asset information. Keep track of disposal information such as method of disposal, date of authorization and salvage value. This information remains available for audit purposes.

Summary/Detail Assets

Sometimes, an asset is made up of so many parts that it really should be handled as a group of smaller assets with multiple funding sources. FBWin Capital Assets gives you an easy way to track summary and detail assets by using our summary/detail feature. For example, record a police car as a summary asset. The engine, light bar, communication equipment and car body should be recorded as separate detail assets that are a part of the summary asset. Each detail asset can have its own funding source, a separate maintenance schedule and insurance records.

Bar Code Scanning

The bar code scanning option (sold separately) can be purchased to help you quickly take and maintain your asset inventory. Each asset is assigned a bar code. These barcodes are pre-printed on an adhesive label and placed on your asset. Set up is simple. Once you scan in the bar code tag, simply punch in the asset description, location code and department. This information is imported into FBWin Capital Assets where you can finish setting up your asset details. When taking inventory, simply scan the asset’s bar code using the hand help scanner. The original information that you store is stored within the hand held. Recorded any changes and import the information. When you have finished, the application automatically prints an exception report sorted by location. This report also lists the assets that were not scanned. You can easily determine which assets are missing or are new to a location.

Asset Transfers – Never Lose Track

When you transfer an asset from one location to another, record details about that transfer in the same place you entered the original asset information. Keep history that includes important changed to asset information, such as departments, locations, conditions and depreciation. Keep history records that display an assets’ condition change over time. We also offer robust maintenance tracking that makes it possible for you to keep history on repairs over time. Thanks to FBWin Capital Assets, you always know precisely where each asset is located and what the current value of that asset is.

Other Applications

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"Capital Assets" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..