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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Power Ease of Use - Speed - Automation

FBWin Business Licensing has what it takes to tackle the business licensing needs of virtually any city. Packed with many high-end features, Business Licensing is the most feature-rich, flexible and innovative business licensing application in its class!

Workflow-Centered Design!

Whether issuing a new business license or renewing an existing one, with BLWin the process is fast, easy and accurate. With a new workflow-centered design, version 2.0 speeds you through the process of issuing a new license in minutes.

Business Licensing 2.0 is engineered for maximum ease-of-use and adaptability to meet any business licensing requirements you may have.

When work began on version 2.0, our goal was to create the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, business licensing solution in its class. We think the first time you use BLWin 2.0 and experience the many innovative features, attention to detail, and ease of use that have been designed in, you’ll agree that we succeeded!

Powerful, Flexible License Processing

Use the License Types screen to create a “template” for the type of license you wish to issue. Specify inspection and approval requirements. Pick a duration. Assign applicable fees. You can even specify what gets printed on the license certificates. By using the templates created in the Licensing Types module, issuing a license can be as simple as picking a business, selecting a license type and clicking the Save button!

BLWin’s innovative design allows you to handle every task in the life cycle of a business license in one central location. Using the new License Manager, create, approve, issue or renew a license – all from a single screen. You can even enter payments or check the payment status of a license inside the License Manager.

BLWin 2.0 is flexible enough to accommodate either one-at-a-time processing or batch processing. The Print Licenses, Batch Approvals, and Batch Renewals programs make short work of printing, approving or renewing large groups of licenses. For precise control over the records you process, each employs the powerful new License Filter!

Whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand licenses to work with, you’ll find the license filter an indispensable tool! Using the filter, specify a certain license type, duration, or status; the record list is instantly updated to show only the licenses that match your filter choices.

Manage Your Business Data – Your Way!

The enhanced Business Master screen provides fields for virtually every essential piece of business information. Entering this information has never been easier. Use the customization features to turn on or off any field or section of the Business Master to speed data-entry tasks!

Version 2.0 provides an unlimited number of user-defined fields, making a truly custom business database possible.

Versatility is the Key

Business Licensing 2.0 can handle virtually any license fee structure. Using the intuitive Fee Codes screen, define fees using any combination of flat, per-unit, or step calculation methods.

Licenses with multiple fees are easy. When setting up a license, just select from the fee list you created; let the application do the calculations for you! Additionally, you can process late charges and penalties using any schedule you choose.

Handling fee changes is effortless. Simply adjust an amount in the Fee Codes screen; when licenses using that fee are renewed, their fees are updated automatically!

BLWin 2.0 produces worksheet-style Renewal Notices, invoices, and late statements — even cancellation notices.

Flexible Payment Processing

Business Licensing 2.0 is engineered to provide flexible payment processing. You can enter payments in three different ways: using the Receipt Manager, using the License Manager, or by importing receipts from FBWin Cash Receipts. Enter payments for individual licenses right in the License Manager. You can even instantly apply a late charge and view the payment status of the license. Business Licensing also integrates with FBWin Cash Receipts. Staff using the CRWin program can receipt business license payments. Afterwards, import those receipts into BLWin 2.0 and post them directly to the business’ accounts.

Reporting Power

Embedded inside version 2.0 is the industry-standard Crystal Reports, giving you unmatched reporting power and quality! Printing reports is fast and efficient with the brand new Report Manager. The Report Manager pulls all of the reports and controls into a single on-screen work area for improved efficiency and control. BLWin 2.0 comes standard with a number of pre-defined reports. Display, print or save a report to one of the more than 20 supported file formats. Since BLWin 2.0 uses ODBC technology, you can even create your own custom reports using your 3rd party report writer.

Complete Audit Trail

Complete business transaction history is kept for license changes, invoices, payments, penalty assessments and renewals. BLWin 2.0 can also create journal entries for automatic transfer to FBWin General Ledger.

Engineered using the latest development methods and technology, FBWin products are designed to be the most feature-rich and cost-effective software solutions in their class.

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"Business Licensing" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..