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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Speed – Flexibility – Integration

FBWin Accounts Payable is designed to efficiently process invoices and checks for organizations of any size.

Enter it Once!

The Accounts Payable and Purchase Order applications share vendor information. Accounts Payable recognizes purchase orders made in PO for full or partial payment. Invoice and vendor distribution can be validated. FBWin Accounts Payable links with FBWin General Ledger— journal entries can be appended and posted.

Fast, Very Fast

FBWin applications are true Windows programs. They are faster and more flexible than DOS or early windows-based programs. This is because FBWin is designed specifically to run on Windows 2000 and XP workstations to take full advantage of the power that these operating systems provide. Watch your processes run quickly and efficiently.

FBWin takes advantage of the Windows operating system’s virtually unlimited access to memory. Invoices can have boundless items and transactions. Each invoice can support multiple funds and accounts. Unlimited vendor history may be maintained.

Vendor Ease

Invoice processing is fast and efficient…using FBWin. You can enter vendor information using point and click mouse support and pop-up, context-sensitive windows. You do not have to remember vendor codes, or even vendor names. Just type in part of the name or point and click in a look-up window. FBWin is so intuitive that it checks for duplicate invoices and inactive vendors on invoice entry. Over-drawn budget accounts are double-checked and the application can be set up to restrict the use of overdrawn accounts.

New Feature

FundBalance Accounts Payable now allows you to deduct taxes from Vendors. The detail will be printed on the Accounts Payable checks.

Set up recurring invoices for any vendor. You control the interval. The application automatically generates the invoice as needed.

A complete audit trail is the result of using FBWin products. The application manages your fiscal and calendar year-end processing. Year to date information is maintained automatically. The application tracks 1099 and non-1099 totals for each vendor and produces your 1099 forms on paper or disk.


Control your cash flow. By selecting invoices to pay, you determine the cut-off date for check processing. You can easily hold invoices by vendor, or by individual invoice. Easily process hand checks by entering a check number and date as you enter the invoice. The application does the rest, including reports and journal entries. You can track all of your checks with our built-in reconciliation features and check register.

Backup and Restore Feature…now an internal option in our applications. No need to exit the programs to use the Microsoft Backup/Restore feature.


Our standard reports meet most users’ reporting requirements. Many reports can be printed in summary or detail format to give you enough information for your council/board and auditor. You may print a user-specified range of pages, a certain page number or your entire report. You may even print multiple copies without running the report multiple times. Numerous reporting options are available by selecting from user-selected parameters. These include, but are not limited to: user-defined fields, sort options, date ranges and vendor names. FBWin even lets you define your own sort keys! All reports may be previewed on screen, or sent directly to a laser or dot matrix printer.

Check it out!

On-Screen displays allow you to access and view information on your screen. All displays are on the same menu for easy access. Multiple displays can be open at the same time. Each display program has multiple sort options, so you can display your information exactly as you want to see it. Display options include: invoices by vendor, checks issued and open invoices (invoices not paid). All display programs have multiple look-ups and are secure so that data cannot be changed.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Fund Accounting line of products, developed by FundBalance, Inc..