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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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FunctionFox is dedicated to providing simple, secure, web-based tools to help creative companies improve productivity and profitability.

Time tracking and billing in small business have always been problematic. The means to tackle these activities, which are essential to ongoing profitability, have been inadequate, cumbersome, costly and overly complex for smaller companies. We felt it was time for a “better way” - and FunctionFox is the result.

FunctionFox was originally designed by an advertising agency for creative companies, so it is uniquely suited to the specific billing and timesheet needs of this industry. Many in-house marketing groups have also discovered how FunctionFox timesheets help improve accountability and simple project management.

At FunctionFox, we believe in keeping our customers happy. We answer questions and solve problems quickly, provide free updates regularly, and always go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure that FunctionFox works well for each of our customers, no matter how big or small.

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