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Microsoft FRx

A multi‑module management system designed by FRx Software.
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This developer has been acquired by Microsoft in 2010/2011.

Starting in 2011 FRx is now in a state of phased discontinuation (source: Wikipedia), and Microsoft’s official FRx replacement is Management Reporter.

Microsoft FRx is a financial reporting application that gives midmarket segment and corporate businesses immediate control of the entire financial reporting process, with little or no help needed from Information Technology (IT) specialists. Microsoft FRx helps accountants, controllers and executives more efficiently and effectively manage their business. The application is considered the financial reporting standard for midmarket segment companies and emerging enterprises, with existing interfaces to more than 50 industry-leading financial accounting systems. In addition, FRx Software offers Microsoft Integration Designer 2.0 which allows Microsoft FRx 6.7 to be used with nearly any midmarket segment general ledger package. Integration Designer is for use by value-added resellers to facilitate the integration process of Microsoft FRx to most general ledgers.

Microsoft FRx is a unique reporting application because it allows individuals, with various levels of financial skills and knowledge, to quickly create valuable and accurate financial reports. The built-in accounting intelligence and link to an organization’s existing financial records and GL helps companies’ increase productivity, giving business leaders the information and time they need to make strategic decisions quickly and with confidence. The accounting intelligence in Microsoft FRx simplifies the process by recognizing accounting concepts such as beginning balances, YTD totals, debit and credit balances, positive and negative variances and posted and unposted transactions. This helps ensure that every report is complete and accurate by providing an audit trail to make it easy to identify missing or duplicate accounts. Microsoft FRx increases the productivity and effectiveness of everyone involved in the financial reporting process, reducing costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

Key Microsoft FRx Components:

  • FRx Report Designer - FRx Report Designer allows users to create, generate, view, distribute and manage financial reports from their desktop without additional help from the IT department or a database professional.
  • FRx Report Launcher - FRx Report Launcher is designed to help finance professionals and executives select pre-designed reports, specify the output option and generate the necessary reports on demand. The user is able to generate, view and drill down to transaction details while maintaining the format and integrity of the original report design.
  • FRx DrillDown Viewer - users inside and outside an organization can receive professional reports that make it easy to analyze performance by company, individual departments or divisions or against goals and budgets. FRx DrillDown Viewer enables users to answer their own questions immediately by drilling down from summary information to transaction-level detail without accessing the GL.
  • Importing and exporting data - users can access and report on information stored in spreadsheets, combining spreadsheet data with GL data in a single report.
  • Flexibility Trio - A The key to this application’s flexibility is its unique system of three building blocks: Row Format, Column Layout and Reporting Trees.

    • Row Format: Users can specify the data source and what they want to do within each row of a report. By using a link to the general ledger, they can select individual accounts, a range of accounts or a list of non-continuous accounts to be included in a report. Once created, a Row Format can be saved and used again.
    • Column Layout: Users can specify the data source and select the type of column they want from a list. Combined with Row Format, Column Layout makes it easy for users to include period actuals, budget information or other types of data in a report - either from the general ledger or from other data sources such as a spreadsheet. Users also can apply math across columns, making it easy to identify variances, projections or percentages. Once created, a Column Format can be saved and used again.
    • Reporting Trees: Users can create a hierarchical picture of their organization to understand or change their organizational and reporting structures. A powerful auto-build function constructs Reporting Trees in seconds - directly from the organization’s chart of accounts. Easy drag-and-drop functionality enables users to create alternative structures and multiple rollups of various accounts without having to make modifications to their general ledger or chart of accounts. Once created, a Reporting Tree can be saved and used again.

Edition/Add-on Features:

  • FRx Report Server - with FRx Report Server, users can schedule reports for automatic generation and distribution using a separate server, eliminating the time and expense of copying and mailing hard-copy reports.
  • FRx WebView and FRx WebPort - FRx WebView allows users to publish, store and manage Microsoft FRx reports over the Web. Users can access reports through a Web browser, eliminating the expense of copying and mailing hard-copy reports, while also helping maintain important user security. FRx WebPort offers the added advantage of publishing non-Microsoft FRx reports, such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, to the Web.
  • FRx instant!OLAP - FRx instant!OLAP generates Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cubes to give users an additional method of exporting data from Microsoft FRx.
  • Complex Currency Translation - the Microsoft financial reporting application offers enhanced currency translation as an add-on component for organizations that need sophisticated currency translation support. This component allows entries made in the general ledger’s ‘home’ currency to be translated into specific currencies for reporting purposes.

Functionality Modules

FRx Desktop FRx Desktop is best suited for companies that: Have multiple departments and cost centers Have multiple companies with consolidation requirements Maintain budgets or other…

FRx Professional FRx Professional and FRx Enterprise are best suited for companies that: Have a large number of reports to process on a daily basis or at month end Have a large number of…

FRx Enterprise FRx Professional and FRx Enterprise are best suited for companies that: Have a large number of reports to process on a daily basis or at month end Have a large number of…

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