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FreshBooks is the developer of the self-titled billing program. They formed with the goal of solving the problems associated with performing billing with more popular programs like QuickBooks, Excel and Word. They are focused on saving you time and money; and in general making the arduous task of invoicing easier.

We know billing is a pain. We know you have tried tools like QuickBooks, Excel and Word to create your invoices and manage your books. That’s why we built FreshBooks - because you need something that works well and gets the job of billing your clients done without the pain. What pain you ask? The QuickBooks pain of having to do 100 steps to get one thing done. The Excel pain of poorly formatted invoices. The Word pain of keeping track of who has paid and how much remains outstanding.

We designed FreshBooks to attack those problems, and to create a solution that made it easy to handle billing and invoices.

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