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Freedom Applications

A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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A.M.M.O. Access Manufacturing Management Overlay™

The all-in-one program for your shop and office

No manufacturer is too small for AMMO. An inexpensive and simple, yet comprehensive manufacturing management system, AMMO organizes both front office and shop operations. Developed by a manufacturer for manufacturers, AMMO fills the gap between simple accounting packages and more complicated ERP/MRP systems.

AMMO has eight modules to help you run your business. With one easy-to-use database, you only have to enter data once. AMMO saves you time and money as it quickly gives you the information that you need, when you need it.

AMMO now interfaces to QuickBooks® Pro 2002 and 2003. The day-to-day transactions of your business are entered into AMMO (Invoices, Receipts, Bills, and Payments). The AMMO Accounting Interface seamlessly transfers your financial transactions to the General Journal in QuickBooks. At any time you can retrieve financial statements from QuickBooks, while you control the details in AMMO.


  • Office - Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Customer/Vendor Lists
  • Financials - A/P, A/R, A/R Aging, Check Posting, Credit Memos
  • Checkbook - Multiple Account Maintenance, Checkbook Reconciliation, Automated Features
  • Shop - Bills of Materials, Engineering Card, Standard Costing, Actual Costing, Work Orders, Work Assignments, Production Management Tools, Shop Floor Data Entry, Inventory Values, Parts Catalog, Shipping, & Receiving Logs


  • Reports - Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Personnel - Employee Information and History.
  • Configuration - Company Information, Policies, Procedures and User Access Privileges.
  • Repair Utility - Repairs and Compacts Database, if corrupted.


  • No additional database licensing costs
  • Interacts with other Microsoft Office products
  • Separate Microsoft Access or Office licenses not required
  • Unlimited logins
  • Data is easily ported to other formats
  • May be customized or enhanced in-house
  • No annual A.M.M.O. licensing fee
  • Annual contract for technical support available

Please note that AMMO is not a payroll or employee scheduling package. It does not contain a native general ledger. Instead, AMMO interfaces to QuickBooks®, using QuickBooks as a general ledger.

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