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Unlike most other Cloud Accounting systems, franchiseiQ provides fully integrated Sales and Purchase Order management in our EnterpriseIQ edition.

Full Quotation to Invoice Workflow

franchiseiQ provides the full Quote to Invoice workflow so that you can start by entering a Sales Quotation and eventually convert it to a Sales Invoice with very little additional keying except where amendments are required to the original details.

The Sales Cycle is very flexible so that if you don’t wish to use the Quotation module you can bypass it and enter your Sales Orders directly. If you don’t want to use the Sales Ordering module you can bypass that too and simply enter your Sales Invoices. Inventory Movements for invoices entered directly are tracked even if you don’t create an order first.

Data Entry Made Easy

Because of the unique ‘default’ facility in franchiseIQ, you will find that the data entry options can be very quick and easy to use with minimum mouse clicks or keystrokes required to get the data into the system.

Handle Partial Deliveries & Invoicing

The system enables you to part deliver/receive orders and create invoices on partially delivered/received orders. This helps reduce order lead times and enables you to invoice your customers faster.

Bulk Emailing Orders and Invoices Saves Time

Orders, Invoices and Statements can be sent in bulk from the system by email saving you time and improving turnaround.

Integrate Seamlessly with Other Systems

If you need to link franchiseIQ to your own order fulfilment, EPOS or e-commerce site, we have a full Web services API that makes integration a cinch.

Once integrated, order and inventory transactions can be sent between franchiseIQ and third party systems eliminating any need for rekeying or data importing.

Our API methods support the transmission of transactions in bulk enabling large transfer of data.

Analyse Your Sales Results with Ease

franchiseiQ has an internal datawarehouse that summarizes all sales (and purchases) data by reporting period.

This is really useful for producing reports that track sales results by product, group, area, region etc. In terms of metrics, sales quantities, volume and costs (with gross margins calculated) are tracked. A selection of system reports are provided to display these results.

Handle Sales Rep Commission Calculations

The system has the capability to calculate commissions earned by your sales rep employees as part of the sales process and can then be reported on afterwards.

Commissions are calculated based on a set of rules that can be set up beforehand and can be:

  • Fixed Percentage: The sales commission is a fixed percentage of the total discounted net sales (i.e. invoiced) value. Therefore, if the net sales value is €100, you can specify that the sales rep would earn a certain percentage of that value
  • Margin Based: The sales commission is a percentage of the gross profit margin earned on the sale. This means that it is calculated based on the discounted sales value less the cost of the item before taxes. If you choose this option you can set up different commission rates to apply for different margin bands. This allows you to scale the commissions earned relative to the size of the margin achieved. The gross margin is calculated from net (discounted) sales value less cost and the commission amount is calculated from that based on the commission rate applied.

Sales Order Cycle Features Summary

  • Full product pricing and discount management based on effective dates
  • Quantity and value breaks on pricing and discounts
  • Special pricing by customer by product and time frame
  • Bulk price update routines to manage multiple price lists
  • Sales quotation processing, supporting online trading if required
  • Multi-part invoicing of same order/delivery
  • Location and sub-location ordering by item
  • Part-shipment handling
  • Order picking lists with separate delivery address
  • Sales and margin analysis reporting by customer, product, product group, department, referral source, region, area, rep, etc.
  • Sales Rep commission calculation and management
  • Sales Analysis Reporting by product, product group showing quantities, sales values and gross margins

Purchase Orders Cycle Features Summary

  • Receipting/delivery of orders & reporting of Goods Received Not Invoiced
  • Invoice matching against purchase orders/goods received
  • Bulk discounts and price management
  • Purchase analysis reporting by vendor, product, product group, department, etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales & Purchase Order Management:

"Sales & Purchase Order Management" is part of the franchiseIQ line of products, developed by FranchiseIQ.