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franchiseIQ provides a number of system features to enable it to become a truly virtual paperless office environment no longer tied to a physical office with physical filing cabinets.

The Paperless Office functionality includes:

  • Document management – almost all SME documents relate to customers, vendors, bank accounts or transactions. franchiseIQ allows scanned or electronic documents to be stored against any transaction or account or indeed user defined folder in the system. franchiseIQ provides a natural indexing to retrieve such documents by searching the account or transaction to which it relates. Examples include sales contracts against customers, price lists against vendors, Proof of Deliveries against sales invoices, specific order details against sales orders, invoice images against vendors, bank statements against bank accounts, product specs against items, etc.
  • Secure document storage – documents are stored in encrypted format against transactions or accounts in each individual clients database, with user access only through the secure system login.
  • Email Directly from franchiseIQ – sending original business documents (e.g. quotes, orders, invoices, statements, remittances) straight from franchiseIQ using the direct email option will reduce the need for both you and your clients to print, post, and send paper documents. Documents can be generated in one go rather than individually using the bulk e-mail feature of franchiseIQ, not only reducing paper, but saving time and expense in collating and posting individual paper documents.
  • Sharing information – anytime-anywhere online access to real-time information via franchiseIQ means sharing of business information requires far less printouts. Reports for colleagues and other stakeholders no longer require the production and gathering of paper reports as they can be given direct access to franchiseIQ or emailed in electronic format, including PDF or Excel.
  • eBanking – the electronic banking features of franchiseIQ can add to your paperless office in two ways. First, the automated bank reconciliation will reduce the need for printed bank statements. Second, the bulk vendor payment feature will allow you prepare and process payments to multiple vendors electronically, saving considerable time and costs in generating and posting manual checks.
  • Integrated Handhelds - as franchiseIQ is available over the Internet it can be connected to via any Internet enabled or Windows mobile device. This enables field sales staff or field sales engineers to access information or record transactions to franchiseIQ directly from their mobiles. This avoids the need for printouts and recording manual forms for orders or invoices that need to be keyed in, generated and posted from the office later.

Electronic storage of documents and moving to paperless or less-paper office is particularly relevant to the multiple-entity environments (accountants and clients, franchises and franchisees etc) that franchiseIQ is designed for, where a physical filing cabinet in one location is not practical. That is why we added paperless office functionality to franchiseIQ.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Paperless Office:

"Paperless Office" is part of the franchiseIQ line of products, developed by FranchiseIQ.