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An efficient and robust Purchasing module is key for all distributors and manufacturers. If you don’t track who you buy from, what you buy from them, the cost items are purchased for, and how long it will take get to you, it will be impossible to keep your shelves stocked and service your customers. Not having this information leads to procedural inefficiencies, inferior customer service, and reduced profitability.

When Fitrix ERP Purchasing is integrated with Fitrix ERP Inventory Control, Replenishment, Order Entry, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger you have a comprehensive purchasing system that will track your purchases from the moment they are ordered to the moment your vendor invoices you. The open order report lets you know what is coming in and when; the receipt of merchandise updates your quantity on hand, fills customer back orders, and accrues the liability to your vendor in the GL; the receipt flows through to Accounts Payable when the vendor invoice is received so you are assured you will always only pay for what you received.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Modular Integration - Direct integration with Fitrix ERP Inventory, Replenishment, Order Entry, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger
  • Item Catalogs - The ability to store multiple vendors, vendor item code, and vendor cost per item. This makes data entry more efficient and ensures that the costs used on your purchase orders are accurate
  • Non Stock Items - Purchase orders can be processed for items not stocked in inventory such as supplies, capital expenditures, and services.
  • Requisitions - Automatic creation of requisitions for customer back orders that in turn create purchase orders to your vendors
  • Drop Shipments - By specifying in order entry via order type, a drop ship customer order automatically creates a vendor purchase order to your preferred vendor at your contract cost
  • Automatic Reordering - If the Replenishment module is also in use, purchase orders will be created automatically for items that fall below user specified reorder levels
  • Ship Dates - When you enter a purchase order you can enter who it was confirmed with, the date is was confirmed, and the required ship date. You also have the ability to enter varying required ship dates by line item. When the purchase order ships you can enter the exact ship date. All this information helps your customer service department keep your customers informed as to arrival status of any items they may have on back order with your company
  • Automatic Release of Customer Back Order - When purchase orders are received, in addition to updating your quantity on hand and General Ledger, any items on back order will be released in oldest order date order
  • Interface with Accounts Payable - When you receive the vendor invoice there is no need to enter the purchase information again to record the liability. Simply bring up the PO, enter the invoice number and date, and post to Accounts Payable thereby creating an open payable item to the vendor. If there are any variances in cost between the purchase order cost and invoice cost, these will be listed on the Price Change report for your review.
  • Other Features, including:
    • Add additional costs such as inland freight and duty to items received to achieve a true landed cost
    • Ability to enter a master purchase order and automatically break this down into multiple purchase orders


Reports available include:

  • Open Purchase Order Summary By PO Number, Buyer, or Vendor
  • Open Purchase Order Detail By PO Number, Buyer, or Vendor
  • Goods Received By GL Code
  • Price Change Report (PO vs. Vendor Invoice)
  • Expected Receipts Report
  • Direct/Drop Ship Status Report
  • Requisitions Created From Order Entry
  • GL Activity by Account Number for Purchase Transactions Only

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