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The Production Order Processing module controls the movement of materials during the production process. Production is managed through the use of production orders. These orders indicate the quantities and due dates of items being manufactured. They also contain lists of materials required, extracted from the standard bill of material, and expected operations, from the standard routing. Production receipts and component movement are reported here.

Production orders are the foundation supporting the ability to manage manufacturing operations. Orders are ‘Released’ in response to demand for an item being sold, or being used in a higher level item. Once released, the orders are used to manage material, labor, overhead, and outside processes, with the expectation that an expected quantity will be completed within a specific timeframe. Reports and inquiries are available to analyze current production status, and act on exceptions requiring attention.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Order Type Maintenance
    • Indicates standard bill of material, standard with changes, or manual entry
    • Indicates standard routing, standard with changes, or manual
  • Hold Code Maintenance
    • Prevents activities for an order downstream of order entry
  • Reason Code Maintenance
    • Assigned to production scrap transactions, for later reporting purposes
  • Accounting Code Maintenance
    • User-defined codes to translate to accounting entries when interfacing to General Ledger
  • Order Entry/Maintenance
    • Use standard bill of material or make changes
    • Use standard routing or make changes
    • Uses a copy of standard bill of material and routing.
    • Changes don’t affect original bill or routing
    • Components can be added to the order
    • Component and routing standard notes are copied into the order*
    • Orders are created on-line; no batch processing
  • Order Split
    • Unlimited splits per order
    • Split order is tracked separately Transaction Processing
    • Component allocation - components can be allocated in advance of issue, by location, lot, serial number, and FIFO date
    • Component issue – with default quantities, or manually entered
    • Component transfer - allows transfer of issued material from one order to another
    • Component scrap
    • Production receipt – with optional backflush of components
    • Production scrap – with assignment of a reason code
  • Inquiries
    • Current order status
    • Order history
  • Reports
    • Current order status
    • Order history
    • Order component shortages
    • Item shortage

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