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Labor Processing collects labor transactions for production orders. Labor is entered for both setup and run hours, and for direct and indirect hours. Order completion statistics are updated real-time. The hours and completion are analyzed for efficiency at multiple levels within the organization. Efficiency inquiries and reports show this performance in summary and detail formats.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Employee Maintenance
    • Employees can belong to a Department, Team, Group, Job class
    • Labor rates applied to orders by Regular time, Overtime, Premium time
  • Shift Maintenance
    • Multiple shifts per physical shift
    • Early/late start time window
    • Early/late stop time window
    • Lunch extraction
    • Break extraction
  • Job Class Maintenance
    • Standard rates used as alternate for labor costing
  • Labor Type Maintenance
    • User-defined labor transaction types
    • Setup or run hours based
    • Direct or indirect hours based
    • Labor Transaction Entry
    • Setup labor
    • Run labor
    • Indirect labor
    • Start/stop time or elapsed time
    • Completed and scrapped quantities
    • User-defined percent complete
    • On-line order update for hours and quantities
  • Labor Efficiency Inquiries
    • Efficiency by Team, Employee, Work center, Department, Item, Order
    • Transactions analyzed by ranges of Resources, Transaction dates, Shifts
  • Labor Transaction Reports
    • Print by ranges of Department, Work center, Machine, Group, Team, Foreman, Employee, Order
  • Labor Efficiency Reports
    • Efficiency by Department, Employee, Order, Work center

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"Labor Processing" is part of the Fitrix ERP line of products, developed by Fourth Generation Software Solutions.

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