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Capacity Requirements Planning analyzes loads placed on production resources. It reviews standard routing information for planned and released production orders, to determine the resources needed to satisfy production requirements. Loads are measured against available capacity, in user-defined time intervals, to support exception analysis.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Period Intervals
    • Define how the future is to be divided into time periods
    • Multiple period intervals may be defined
    • Used to display and print future production activity by time period
  • Capacity Maintenance
    • Allows for non-standard override of daily capacity, by shift, for Work Center, Department, Teams, Machines
  • CRP Generation
    • Generates planned order routings
    • Typically run in conjunction with MRP generation
  • Change Routing
    • Allows changes to routing for each planned order
    • Handy when shifting load to optimize capacity
  • Capacity Inquiries
    • Displays capacity and load for a given resource, with overload or under-load percentage
    • Resources analyzed are Work Center, Department, Teams, Machines
    • User-defined period intervals to view loads in a variety of formats
    • Drill-down from period load to details of orders and operations
    • Review alternates for an overloaded resource
  • Capacity Reports
    • Prints capacity and load for a given resource, with overload or under-load percentage
    • Loads prints in graphical format for easy exception analysis
    • Resources analyzed are Work Centers, Departments, Teams, Machines
    • User-defined period intervals

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"Capacity Requirements Planning" is part of the Fitrix ERP line of products, developed by Fourth Generation Software Solutions.

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