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Managing cash flow is strategic to the success of every business. A streamlined process to create customer invoices and capture payments in a timely manner is integral to this. Also of great importance is knowing the credit worthiness of your customers real time. A good software solution must be able to give your staff the information they need to make decisions regarding extension of credit while keeping overdue and overextended credit to a minimum.

The Fitrix ERP Accounts Receivable module provides an effective and organized system for maintaining customer information that in turn leads to effective cash flow management, improved customer service, and profitability. You can access customer credit and sales history information on line, create invoices and statements on demand, and apply payments easily.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Modular Integration - Direct integration with the Order Entry and General Ledger modules
  • Multiple Ship-To’s - Allows for multiple ship-to addresses per customer
  • Online Access To Customer Activity and History - The customer activity program provides a listing of all invoices entered in the database for the customer with flexible sort and query logic plus drilldown to payment history or source document capabilities
  • Customer Hold - Ability to flag a customer as “On Credit Hold“ so that orders can not be processed
  • Credit Department Notes - Ability to enter notes regarding collection activity. These notes will be attached to the customer record and stored with the user name that entered the note and the date it was entered
  • Finance Charges - Automatic creation of finance charges on past due invoices
  • Dunning Letters - Ability to create and print dunning letters. The type of letter and date it was sent to the customer is stored with the customer record so your Credit Department will have access to this information. The standard letters that come with Fitrix include:
    • Notification that customer has been placed on credit hold
    • Customer has invoices 30 days past due
    • Customer has invoices 60 days past due
    • Customer has invoices 90 days past due
    • Final Demand For Payment (invoices over 120 days past due)
  • Payment Processing - Flexible cash receipt processing that allows you to automatically pay invoices in oldest date order, select specific invoices for payment, partially pay invoices, or place On Account if it is a pre-payment
  • Chargebacks and Write-offs - Option to create customer chargebacks and write-offs while in cash receipts if a partial payment on an invoice is made
  • Invoicing - Easy free-form data entry complete with zoom lookups to customer and ship-to information, tax codes, and payment terms. (Note: free-form because invoicing tied to inventory items you stock is handled by the Fitrix Order Entry module)
  • Recurring Invoice Capabilities - Automatically creates recurring invoices such as a monthly professional services fee without repetitive data entry.
  • Sales Tax - Multilevel taxing capabilities for multiple localities such as state, county, and city
  • Account Groups - The ability to set up a group of general ledger accounts by an account group code that is stored with the customer code. This code is then used in when entering customer invoices so that you do not have to remember the GL distribution for the invoice thereby streamlining data entry
  • Transfer of Data - Ability to transfer all open items, ship-to codes, sales history, and payment history from one customer code to another in the event of a business name change or consolidation
  • Credit Card Processing - Process credit cards for customers using this payment method


Reports available include:

  • Aging Reports - These can be run by customer code or business name, by invoice date or due date, in summary or detail, with an ”As Of“ date you specify. You can predefine the number of aging periods you want to print (up to seven) and the number of days in each
  • Customer Ledger
  • Customer Open Item Report
  • Customer Activity Detail
  • Customer Statements
  • GL Activity By Account Number for AR Transactions Only
  • Customer Labels

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