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The Cornerstone of PFM

Production is the cornerstone of PFM. The module allows you to issue batch worksheets, fill tickets, and Quality Control tests all from one easy to use screen.

PFM tracks components, quantities, instructions, costs, and quality control data for production.

Designed for Process

The Production module was designed from the start for process manufacturing. It is not a bill of materials modified to “fit” the process industry. Formulas can be stored by percentage or quantity; weight or volume. Manufacturing instructions can be inserted anywhere within the formula for printing on the batch worksheet.

Each material within a formula may have its own unit of measure for maximum flexibility.

PFM allows you to scale your units of measure. If you want to present a component in 50 lb bags, pounds, and grams, you have the ability to do so.

Batch Worksheets

PFM provides you with a number of pre-formatted batch worksheets. These include presentation of both mass and volume, running scale weight, and multiple units of measure for any component. Custom formats can be developed to meet your needs.

Quality Control

Each formula can have quality control tests assigned. These tests can optionally print at the time you produce the batch worksheets. The results can also feed directly to the Certificate of Analysis Reports.

The Way You Manufacture

PFM will accommodate your way of manufacturing. If you batch a product, store it in bulk, and fill it as needed, PFM provides for this requirements. If you batch and fill to multiple package sizes as one process, PFM call handle it. From time to time you may need to produce a product using an alternate unit of measure. PFM allows you to define alternate units of measure for items and use these alternates in the production process.

What Else You Ask…

  • Batches can be scheduled for specific customers or sales orders.
  • Material shortages and/or packaging components are highlighted immediately for your attention.
  • Ties into MSDS and MRP functions.

Useful Reports

PFM’s Production provides many reports designed to help you make informed decisions. Reports always provide sort and selection criteria allowing you to choose a variety of reporting capabilities Reports include:

  • Batch Worksheets
  • Fill Tickets
  • Production Recap
  • Production Journal
  • Open Production by Ingredient
  • Raw Material Status
  • Production Schedule

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production:

"Production" is part of the Product Formulation Manufacturing line of products, developed by FormulaWare.