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Multiple Features Improves Productivity

With today’s ever-important emphasis on customer service, you need a sales order entry system like the one found in PFM. When customers call, PFM gives you the power to answer their questions immediately…no more call backs! PFM makes it easy for your customers to do business with you so you are always the first source to call.

PFM sales order entry includes many features designed to make the processing of sales orders easy. Instant access to customer, inventory, and history details is available during sales order entry at the click of a mouse.

Flexible Pricing

Impressive pricing matrixes give you total flexibility in establishing specific pricing for your customers. For example, one product can have the same price for a wide group of customers while another product can have its own price for each individual customer. In addition, those prices can be based on the quantity purchased, the greater the quantity, the better the price. During sales order entry, the prices are displayed automatically as specific items and quantities are entered.

Useful Reports

The Sales Order Entry includes many reports designed to help you make informed decisions. Reports always provide sort and selection criteria allowing you to choose a variety of reporting capabilities. Reports include:

  • Sales Order Register
  • Sales Order Journal
  • Sales Quote Report
  • Sales Backorder Report
  • Sales Orders on Hold
  • Insufficient Stock
  • Packing Slips
  • Bills of Lading

Access to Historical Information a Plus

How many times have you taken an order over the phone and the customer can’t remember what he ordered last time, but he needs some more? Well, with PFM you can look at the customers purchase history with the click of a button. PFM allows you to review up to five years of history, and search by a number of criteria; order number, invoice number, product, etc. No more going to a file to dig out the invoices for the customer!

Credit information is also available to the user at sales order entry time. You can view the customers current open receivables as well as the average days to pay. This is very helpful in knowing whether or not the order may require management approval before shipping.

Sales Commissions

PFM provides you with the comprehensive sales commissions information. Commissions can be defined by salesrep, by item, by customer class. If you have a special requirement to generate sales commissions, the technical staff at Data Management will be happy to address your needs.

Container Accounting

PFM gives you the ability to track containers you have shipped to customers. This function can also be used for equipment you may have at a customers site.

If you charge deposits on you containers, PFM will keep track of how many containers a customer has been charged for and how many he has returned. No more separate spreadsheet to tract these assets!

History, History, History

PFM was designed to track complete, detailed history for all sales orders and invoices. PFM has over thirty different sales reports. All of these reports have filtering capabilities allowing you to select the data you want printed in the order you need. Reports include:

Sales by

  • Customer by Item
  • Customer by Profit
  • Item
  • Item by Profit
  • Package by Item
  • Warehouse by Item
  • Customers or Items with No Sales

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Order Entry:

"Sales Order Entry" is part of the Product Formulation Manufacturing line of products, developed by FormulaWare.