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This developer has been acquired by 3I Infotech.

Source: 3i Infotech has acquired FormulaWare

Safe, Secure, Controlled

Formulas can be the most sensitive information for your business. PFM provides a secure controlled environment for your formulas. PFM tracks components, quantities, instructions, costs, and quality control data for formulas. Revisions to master formulas are traced, simplifying the task of comparing different versions of the same formula.

Designed for Process

The Formula module was designed from the start for process manufacturing. It is not a bill of materials modified to “fit“ the process industry. Formulas can be stored by percentage or quantity. Manufacturing instructions can be inserted anywhere within the formula for printing on the batch worksheet. Each material within a formula may have its own unit of measure for maximum flexibility.

Quality Control

Each formula can have quality control tests assigned. These tests can optionally print at the time you produce the batch worksheets.


From time to time you may need to replace an existing raw material within your formulas. PFM simplifies this process with a ”scan and replace“ function. You may also want to change the formula used in multiple produced goods. With PFM, it’s simple. And the best news is PFM will produce an audit trail for the process.

Line Item Details

PFM allows you to enter as many line items in a formula as needed. Ingredients may be raw materials or intermediates. You can key an acceptable variance level for each line item, leaving PFM to do the hard work of validation at production time.

You can also insert as many comment lines anywhere in the formula.

Useful Reports

PFM’s Formulas provides many reports designed to help you make informed decisions. Reports always provide sort and selection criteria allowing you to choose a variety of reporting capabilities Reports include:

  • Formula List
  • Formula Where Used Report
  • Component Where Used Report
  • Projected Cost Report

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Formulas:

"Formulas" is part of the Product Formulation Manufacturing line of products, developed by FormulaWare.