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Production Activity Control (PAC) executes your requirements plans and manages the actual production process. You can tailor the application to the way your operation works to more efficiently control vital production processes.

Production management

  • Manage ‘push’ production with work orders and automatic scheduling, or use a JIT ‘pull’ system with ‘work orderless’ backflushing
  • Accommodate parallel manufacturing
  • Manage WIP accounting
  • Check components online to ensure materials availability prior to scheduling work
  • View job priorities by work centers and due dates
  • Process barcode labels and time sheets Work orders
  • Track and schedule work orders
  • Create final assembly work orders from sales orders
  • Generate work orders for specific customers and due dates
  • Automatically generate pick lists, dispatch lists and travelers with work orders

Reports and queries

  • Report planned vs. actual efficiency and utilization for labor, work centers, machines and other production factors
  • Analyze variances at aggregate (e.g. product assembly) and detail (e.g. individual operator) levels
  • View work order headers by work order number or item number
  • Directly zoom to all supporting information on work orders
  • Access labor information associated with work orders, including time sheet details for each labor element

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production Activity Control:

"Production Activity Control" is part of the MXP line of products, developed by Foresight Software.