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Job Shop lets you control all the complex variables of the custom manufacturing environment. You can easily maintain pricing, estimates and production schedules for make-to-order and engineer-to-order products.

Job and estimate creation

  • Create bills of materials on the fly using temporary, ‘one of’ (one time) items
  • Easily prepare job estimates online without committing resources
  • Create and estimate new items in a single step
  • Copy and modify information from existing jobs to easily create similar jobs
  • Produce multilevel structures


  • Retain the actual cost of completed items for the life of the job
  • Create more accurate pricing by combining traditional overhead calculations with target-margin markups

Production management

  • Schedule the critical production path based on due date, machine availability and other factors
  • View approved work orders and jobs in a graphical timeline format
  • Zoom directly to all related information for a job, item or estimate
  • Control job shop items through Manufacturing Resource Planning for better planning and scheduling
  • Automatically generate work orders and customer quotes to feed sales and invoice systems

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Shop:

"Job Shop" is part of the MXP line of products, developed by Foresight Software.