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Bill of Material (BOM) is the core component of Foresight’s Manufacturing system. It provides a consistent base of communication for all users, from engineering to purchasing to floor personnel to accounting. Because of its mission critical role, we have made Bill of Material extremely flexible and easy to use.

Bill of material management

  • Allow different departments to use separate BOMs (e.g., prototype BOMs for engineering, costing BOMs for accounting)
  • Create multilevel, single-level and open-ended BOMs to match your business need
  • Define unlimited roll-up points in multilevel BOMs to evaluate level-by-level and cumulative costs and lead times
  • Maintain BOMs with easy engineering change notices (ECNs) that include unlimited pages of explanatory notes
  • Use extended ‘phantoms’ on BOMs to better manage service parts
  • Treat phantom orders as regular items or phantom items on individual BOMs

Product costing

  • Track and evaluate job costs based on traditional and activity-based costing methods
  • Define and track material and labor burden, operations, work centers and machines for improved product costing

Production management

  • Use manufacturing gates to manage production flow and create WIP in a ‘work orderless’ environment
  • Improve management of JIT manufacturing by backflushing raw materials to specified manufacturing gates
  • Manually override product flow routings to redistribute capacity to meet tight deadlines

Enterprise-wide item management

  • Improve order entry functions with automatic product configuration, which walks the user through final assembly features and options
  • Drill up or down for system-wide item visibility

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Material:

"Bill of Material" is part of the MXP line of products, developed by Foresight Software.