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Food Service Solutions FSS™ POSitive ID

Designed by Food Service Directors and Business Managers alike, this TCP-IP point of sale solution is designed to meet the specific needs of a school cafeteria environment. Every feature, screen, and reporting function we incorporated into this program was done so with one thing in mind… YOU, a food service professional. Our POS system will provide you with a complete audit trail, provides total confidentiality for Free & Reduced students, eliminates cash or ticket systems, generates State & Federal reports at a touch of a button, sends account balance & transaction letters to families, plus much, much more.

Designed to run over a LAN/WAN using TCP-IP (Internet based protocol) POSitive ID is perfect for schools/businesses with multiple buildings with connectivity. Data is stored on a central server and each point of sale terminal can be controlled from a central office. Any student or employee can eat in any connected building. No more downloads, uploads, merges or data dumps on a daily basis. Data is just like your car keys. The more spots you have for them the more likely they are to get lost or misplaced. Lost or misplaced data is a Food Service Directors worst fear and an IT nightmare.

Additionally, our POS system is fully integrated with number pads, bar code readers, biometric scanners, accounting packages, digital Photo, Foodco’s back office software and FSS™ F.O.R.M.S. (Free or Reduced Meal software). We are highly confident you will find FSS™ POSitive ID a ‘Best in Class’ for your cafeteria needs.

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  • FSS TimeKeeper

    A software system designed by Food Service Solutions.

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