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WinFDS was designed to function in a multi-user, multi-tasking processing environment. You can have as many operators entering orders as you wish, while simultaneously processing other functions within the system. This includes printing customers’ invoices and picking slips. This functionality is handled automatically and is completely transparent to the user. A list of the Order Processing main features is listed below.

Order Processing Features

  • Multi-user processing of customers’ orders— Open orders list display
  • Orders’ multiple inquiries
  • Product messages display
  • Inventory status display during order processing
  • Automatic order routing
  • Catch weight (random weight) processing
  • Full and partial units processing
  • Automatic order add-on capability
  • Customer on-hold display
  • Purchase Order(s) status display
  • Private label handling
  • Processing of future orders
  • Order and batch picking capabilities
  • Freight charge
  • Customer messages display
  • Missing orders reporting
  • Credit and debit note processing
  • Customer order form printing
  • Picking slip printing
  • Dual language product descriptions
  • Price override reporting
  • Dispatch reporting
  • Drivers’ manifests
  • Invoice summary analysis
  • Short shipments reporting
  • Minimum order value analysis
  • Other reports
  • Printing bills of lading (optional)
  • Standing orders (optional)
  • Back orders (optional)
  • Freight accrual analysis (optional)
  • Automatic pricing, including discounting
  • Automatic freight calculation (optional)
  • Display of customer purchase history and ‘key’ products
  • Using Par Values to create orders
  • Automatic A/R checking, including display of customer’s account on the screen
  • Product out-of-stock display, including suggested alternative display
  • Invoice printing at will, including the ability to re-print invoices
  • Quick, efficient processing of customers’ orders
  • Deposit and Recycling/Environmental fees for products
  • Invoices for Suppliers for Bill Backs, return of goods, etc., posted directly to A/P

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"Order Processing" is part of the WinFDS line of products, developed by Food Decision Software.

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