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Master Files are used by WinFDS to store information such as the Product Details, Prices, Customer Details, General Ledger Details, Warehouse locations, and Truck Routes. This data is then accessed as required by WinFDS for the many different modules and reports that WinFDS can generate. A list of the Master File Modules is listed below.

Master File Modules

  • Product
  • Terms
  • Sales Rep
  • Minor Category
  • Major Category
  • Customer Type
  • Buyer
  • Cross-Reference Group
  • Quote Name
  • Trip (Route) Name
  • Supplier
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Private Label
  • Price Book
  • Branch
  • State/Province
  • Discount Name
  • Other Language Descriptions
  • Internal Sales Reps
  • Product Messages
  • Currency
  • Selling Broker
  • Key Account (Group)
  • G/L Accounts
  • Territory
  • Buying Groups
  • Truck
  • Alternate Pack/Size
  • Messages
  • Customer OP Messages
  • Product Cross-Reference
  • Customer G/L Account
  • Tax Exceptions
  • Credit Reason Codes
  • Product/Customer G/L
  • Credit Cards
  • Country Codes
  • Deposit Codes
  • Customer

Additional Features in the Master Files

  • Master File code lengths are user defined (Numeric or alphanumeric)
  • Fast maintenance of files update next/previous record
  • Quick ‘Copy’ of existing Products and Customers Master file to new Products and Customers
  • Soundex’ (Alpha search) feature, you can access such things as customers and products via their names and descriptions, or any part of their names or descriptions
  • Products and Customers messages display can be automatic or when requested
  • On-Line help windows throughout the system
  • Lookup windows (pick lists) for all files/codes selections
  • Extensive input fields edit checks with easy-to-read instructions/information
  • Master files updates throughout the entire system
  • File changes audit trail (optional), whenever you make a change (addition, modification or deletion) to a master file such as changing a customer’s telephone number the system logs this change

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Master Files:

"Master Files" is part of the WinFDS line of products, developed by Food Decision Software.

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