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Focus 8 ERP

A ERP software solution designed by Focus Softnet, LLC.
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Enabling Scalability

The extensive nature of the solution allows Focus 8 to adapt to your organization’s size and depth and grow user roles and profiles to suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.

  • Modular structure lets you plan the ERP rollout strategy
  • Unlimited* masters, tags & workflows let you define & evolve your company’s SOPs
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) lets you expand your operational unification across your organization

Enabling Mobility

The revolutionary new system architecture of Focus 8 brings the power of the ERP to your “pocket”. Focus 8 apps bring real-time dashboards, reports, business intelligence, and various functions of the ERP system to you, wherever you are.

  • Real-time system design gives you up-to-the-minute accurate information for effective and powerful decision making wherever you are
  • Role specific system access allows you to define the functionality extended to mobile devices be it for field resources, sales teams or decision makers

Enabling Decisions

Business Intelligence, now more than ever is the elixir of success. Real-time, accurate information, presented in an intuitive layout, is a determining factor to your success.

  • ”Slice & Dice” your data in any way that you like
  • Advanced customizable & role-specific dashboards put you in charge of what you see, and how you see it
  • Cross-Modular Reports show you the complete picture arming you with holistic information to make informed decisions

Enabling Governance

You set responsibilities – and they should be followed! But who’s watching? Let Focus 8 govern your business for you, leaving you to do what you do best – grow it further.

  • Define unlimited* workflows for all business processes
  • Induct new users at optimum productivity instantly
  • Be assured that business standards and protocols are followed
  • Drive productivity through robust system governance

Enabling Controls

No matter how disciplined your organization or how robust our system, hierarchical approvals and crisis escalations are essential for effective business performance.

  • Define unlimited* approval trees and hierarchies
  • Proactively auto-escalate critical functions
  • Authorize on the go through Email, SMS or our Mobile App
  • Delegate authorization permissions to individuals or groups based on varying criteria (e.g. all, any one, majority, percentage threshold, etc.)
  • Define authorization by line item

Enabling Reach

Now that you have all your locations and units using the same systems, it is particularly important that they all share data amongst themselves, allowing you to have access to critical information regardless of where you are.

  • Two way offline & online synchronization
  • Scheduled Synchronization
  • Multiple Server Architecture Capabilities
  • Sync conflict management utilities

Enabling Data Unification

It is thrilling to note that your scale and size of operations demands multiple companies or SBU’s to manage all the business traffic. However, we well understand the effort required in consolidating and collating cross-company information. Getting holding company reports and positions is now easier than ever.

  • Automated inter-company transaction posting
  • Inter-company field mapping
  • Inter-company in & out transaction mailboxes
  • Multiple company consolidated reports

Enabling Responses

Earlier generations of systems only listened to what you had to “say”, remember it, and display it back to you. Focus 8 now responds to instructions. Tell it* what to do via various media, and watch the magic unfold as Focus 8 obeys your commands.

  • Communicates using dashboards, alerts, SMS, Email and GTalk
  • Understands and acts on replies* received through the dashboard, alerts, Email and GTalk.
  • App enhances the portable communication capability of the system
  • Integrated document emailing capabilities

Enabling Proactivity

The more you grow, the more complex your business becomes. Suddenly there are too many deadlines that come up, deliverables that need to be timely executed, and commitments to be honored, creating organizational reputation. The Schedulers & Alerts of Focus 8 help you do just that.

  • Recurring journals
  • Receivables reminders
  • Pending task alerts (for authorizations, workflows, etc.)
  • Periodic reports
  • Expiry based alerts
  • User defined limit based alerts for currency and stocks

Enabling Efficiencies

With all the complexities of business surrounding you, and systems that you need to adhere to, the least we can do is provide an easy to use, intuitive system which is a breeze to operate. Focus 8 will make you feel at home within minutes.

  • Interactive home screen for ease of data entry
  • Consistent UI design across modules
  • Intuitive channeling of data through workflows
  • User specific multiple dashboards
  • User specific report libraries

Enabling SOPs

Be it trading, manufacturing, warehousing & logistics, services, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, academia or virtually any business environment, we bring our expertise to serve you.

  • Generic core ERP system applicable for virtually any industry
  • Vertical specific expansions available for a variety of industries
  • Easy and efficient integration across modules and vertical specific systems
  • Fully comprehensive end-to-end system

Enabling Lean Infrastructure

Focus 8’s cloud friendly nature puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose the size and scale of your ERP deployment and enjoy its scalable ability to grow in unison with your organization.

  • Ability to host the application on cloud
  • Scale number of users & modules based on your need
  • Enjoy latest updates

Functionality Modules

Finance Management General Ledger Focus 8 has reinvented the General Ledger module completely in order to make the data experience easier and faster than ever. Role, user and region-specific…

Production Management Production Masters Production Masters offer you incredible flexibility and control over defining various parameters of the production cycle ensuring that each of your…

Human Capital Management Recruitment Management A core essential for growth and sustainability is recruitment. Focus 8 packs a highly capable recruitment management module which enables you to manage…

Supply Chain Management Purchase Management The purchase management module of Focus 8 is a powerful way to ensure that accurate purchasing is effected through approved vendors and predefined rates,…

Business Intelligence Dashboard The advanced integrated dashboard of Focus 8 is state-of-the-art and revolutionizes targeted customized data presentation based on roles and users. The intuitive…

Sales Management Credit Sales Managing sales on credit requires closer governance to ensure that the defined parameters of performance are adhered to. Focus 8’s enhanced credit sales…

Fixed Assets Management Fixed Assets & Depreciation Focus 8 has a fully integrated Fixed Assets & Depreciation module that allows you to seamlessly create assets from purchases and perform…

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