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Automate Employee Information Management

Having the ability to interface from Time and Attendance and Human Resources systems and enhancing the integrity of payroll transactions are very important to the payroll process. Retail Grocery specific functionality such as the ability to process single checks to employees within multiple companies, stores and departments is provided. The system maintains employee demographic information, review dates; deduction information; vacation and leave accruals; union and benefit reporting; and other related information. This eliminates the need for paper based document retention and facilitates on-line access of historic data. Statutory withholding and reporting requirements are maintained within the FMS service relationship.

Reduce Overhead

The Retail Grocery specific functionality facilitates reducing overhead through the Time and Attendance interface, and the ability to maintain current and historic employee data. The system provides statutory, benefit and union reporting.

FMS Payroll/Personnel module automates management of employee information Comprehensive employee data retention

Access employee information by employee number or alphabetically to provide the following information for each employee:

  • Personnel Information
  • Employment Information
  • Tax Withholdings
  • Voluntary Deductions
  • Insurance Deductions
  • Leave Information
  • QTD Earnings
  • YTD Earnings
  • PTD, FYTD Information and Direct Deposit

Each time a transfer, employment status, or job class change is effected, the previous position and date of change are retained. Significant events or additional employee data can be retained electronically during the employment term for each employee.

Vacation, personal and sick leave data are stored for each employee. Establish multiple leave accrual plans for eligible employees assigned to the appropriate plan.

Payroll processing procedures are user-defined

Multiple-Company structures can be supported as individual companies or with a common paymaster. A single payroll check is issued with a breakdown of earnings and deductions listed by work location. User-definable limits qualify the number of hours and/or maximum gross pay that may appear on any single check.

Time Entry

Employees may be charged to multiple stores and departments and have temporary rates. The system calculates premiums for up to three shifts. Also, the system accepts time entry from time and attendance systems.


Gross earnings are maintained by type with user-defined rate calculation for each category. Withholdings can be taken according to user-selected rules. Employees can have unlimited number of state, local, city, and other taxing agencies under their original employee number. Flexible parameters allow unique deductions with various formulas such as garnishments, savings, bonds, and percentage of disposable income deductions.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is supported by the system for multiple banks per employee with all or a portion of the net to be deposited. Checking accounts, savings accounts and credit unions are supported.

Employee information is available on-line

The on-line display provides a look-in feature for all payroll data including personnel information, employment information, status changes, earnings, and withholding data. All payroll check transactions are retained so that all personnel, union, withholding, benefit, and management information reports are provided from within the system.

Comprehensive reporting is always available

Time sheets, labels, check register, distribution register, voluntary deductions, tax reporting, benefits, master controls, full record print, and many more reports are standard. The report writer allows quick access to the payroll data to display, print or interface to a spreadsheet in a comma-separated format.

Payroll Integrates with General Ledger

Payroll earnings, taxes, deductions, employer’s matching FICA expense, employer’s 401(k) matching contribution and payroll hours are automatically generated and posted to the weekly general ledger. The check reconciliation module maintains the status for issued and cleared check amounts, providing immediate access to check statuses and reducing reconciliation efforts and bank service charges. The differences between check issued amounts and amounts paid by the bank are presented to eliminate manual analysis.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the Focus 2000 line of products, developed by FMS Solutions.