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Focus 2000

An accounting software system designed by FMS Solutions for retail trade companies.
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Onsite Applications Solution

For retail chains with their own in-house accounting and IT departments, FMS Onsite Applications is “the solution“. With FMS, you’ll be assured that FMS will work with you to install the applications software on your system to make sure everything is running properly and you’ll be getting the reports you need the way you need them. Then, we’re a phone call, fax, or email away for any technical assistance you may need.

In addition to just ”being there“ when you need us, FMS assures you that the application and ongoing upgrades are state-of-the-art…since we utilize these same applications when we service our retailers who outsource their accounting to us or for our timeshare retailers.

Hosted Applications Solution

If your company doesn’t want to invest in the hardware and staffing to support the server, then we can provide the FMS Focus 2000 application in a hosted application environment. You receive all of the features of the FMS Focus 2000 solution described in our Onsite Applications Solutions section via a secured direct connection—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Minimize overhead

With Hosted Applications Solutions from FMS, you avoid the cost of a high-end host computer. You also avoid the cost of the technical people required to make sure the host computer is operating correctly and reliably.

Eliminate obsolescence

With FMS taking care of the host computer, you don’t face the cost to upgrade that computer with each new generation of hardware advancement. And when a new operating software platform becomes the standard, FMS takes care of any software upgrades. You only have to keep your in-store PC current with technology.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger Performance Measurement for the Grocery Industry The General Ledger module is a complete measurement application expanded to facilitate Retail Grocery specific functionality…

Accounts Payable Automate Vendor Transaction Management Typically, vendor payment transactions represent the vast majority of the financial transactions. Having a high integrity interface…

Billback Realize the Income Potential of Billbacks Often, the volume of billback income can be as great as the grocery store’s net profit. Realize the income potential of…

Accounts Receivable Automate Receivable Transaction Management Receivable transactions are generated at the headquarters and store levels. Different types of transactions need to be maintained…

Payroll Automate Employee Information Management Having the ability to interface from Time and Attendance and Human Resources systems and enhancing the integrity of payroll…

Complete Functionality Module List

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